Typo Misdemeanor

Shortly after coming out of a meeting, I checked my email and found one - from a marketer, who's generally in charge of handling press releases to the media and for web publishing (which is where I come in). 

The subject of the email was "Yani's handbag..." and for that moment alone I was puzzled as to what my name (shortened at that) was doing in an email from this guy. As it turns out, yesterday my colleague and I were doing some tests with text on one of our press releases that had been published on our website, some time ago. We entered a bunch of 'dummy' text and part of it was "Yani's handbag" (yes, my colleague has a wry sense of humor).

The problem was I had forgotten to remove the 'dummy' text from the press release and it got published online by accident!

OMG. My puzzlement turned to horrific embarrassment!

To be honest, I quite felt like laughing too. I mean, this issue over "Yani's handbag" is just way to horrifyingly funny. I managed to remove the text immediately and re-published the press release but now I'm infamous for a 'Yani's hangbag'!

6 months here and I've already made an impression *roll eyes*

Later in the day, my colleague told me something about one of our web pages via Skype and instead of typing "got it", I entered "go tit". Arggghhhh!

So you can just imagine the bunch of mockery and laughter that followed me today. Moral of the story: ALWAYS DOUBLE-CHECK whatever you do, especially if it's visible to the online world!

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Terra Shield said...

Go tit. LOL. At least you had an interesting day (and something funny to blog about)

sriyany said...

Terra Shield: LOL. Most times my days are pretty mundane so this one is an exception.

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