Chocolate Truffles, Champagne & Catfights in Bride Wars

I recently won 2 in-season passes from Time Out KL to watch Bride Wars in the cinemas, which was great coz I've been wanting to see it after catching the preview. The movie is your average chick flick (after all, I am a girl) - 2 best friends have been planning their dream weddings at the Plaza since they were kids. Which come true after they both get engaged to their bfs.

However, the assistant to the wedding planner makes an error while booking their weddings at the Plaza and the brides-to-be end up with 2 weddings on the same day, at the same time.

There is only one way: One bride must switch their wedding venue in order for them to be maid of honor for each other. But naturally, like most brides out there, no one backs down. Hey, if it were me I would not stop at anything to have my dream wedding.

Expect hair dye sabotage, tanning salon mishap, upstaging a bacholarette party and crashing a wedding. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway acted well on screen - the catfights were good but towards the end of the movie, it got a bit emo when the two patched things up. Also, I did think Kate looked very much older than Anne and that maybe Kate's hairstyle in the movie was aimed at making her look younger?

Hong Kong: Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong with its clean (and I mean, really clean) white sand. Even in the temperature of 17 degrees, there were some people soaking in the water (mostly whites).

Adjacent to the beach is a Chinese pavilion with two 10-metre-tall statues of traditional Chinese deities Kwun Yum and Tin Hau.

Not sure which was which... :P

Can't remember what was this again...

These ladies were throwing coins into the fish's mouth for good luck or something along that line - or at least attempting to!

God of Wealth - Run your hand from the head of the statue and along the arms to the pocket hanging on the left and then put your hand into your pocket, as if you're putting in money. Naturally, this ritual is supposed to bring you more wealth. :)

Buddha of Wealth & Prosperity - If you're hoping to get pregnant for the first time or have more children, run your hand along the right side of the statue, for baby girls and the left side for baby boys (obviously, I didn't try this :P).

Choc Chip Pancake @ Waffle World, 1 Utama

A stack of pancakes topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, drizzled with chocolate fudge and containing my ultimate favourite ingredient - Chocolate Chip! All for RM6.90.

Wassab! @ Damansara Uptown

You're probably tired of hearing about my Hong Kong trip already so here's a lil' variation. If you're in the mood for Japanese, you should try out Wassab! in Damansara Uptown. It's just along the road opposite McDonald's. Plus, the pricing here is quite reasonable for Japanese food.

My colleague tried the Sukiyaki (RM25.90). Apparently, it was very filling as you can see from the portions below. Personally, I'm not very much into soup but my colleague enjoyed it so it must've been good.

I on the other hand, tried the Chicken Teppanyaki (RM15.90) - I really enjoyed it although you might want to sprinkle some chili flakes on the chicken if you want to spice it up a bit.

We also ordered Tempura Moriawase (RM12.90). It was a combination of prawns and sweet potato. Would have loved to order more dishes but we only had the odd 1-hour lunch time to spare so probably the next time round :)

Hong Kong: Junks at Aberdeen

We met our tour guide, Yami (didn't get a pic of her) in the lobby and we were joined by 2 other elderly Chinese couples from New Zealand and Singapore. We had the most filling breakfast ever (Dim Sum by the truckload) in this restaurant on Hong Kong island.

I couldn't really get any pics of the scrumptious Dim Sum coz let's just say the food disappeared faster than you can think how to say "Bon Appetite" in Cantonese. However, my friend thought it would be good to capture some of the seafood (while they were still alive) at the restaurant.

This one kinda reminds me of Sebastian from Disney's The Little Mermaid!

Our first stop was the Golden Bauhinia Square, where the national flag raising ceremony is conducted daily. It marks the return of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 1997. Nothing much to do here except for photo opps.

The Forever Blooming Bauhinia sculpture

Against the waterfront of Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island

The tallest building in Hong Kong , the IFC - you might recognize it from The Dark Knight where Batman jumped from the rooftop.

Next on the itenerary was Aberdeen Harbour - home to many people living on fishing junks. We took a 'sampan' ride to get a good view of the how traditional these people's lives are. Can you imagine living on a boat your whole life - although it comes equipped with air-cond, tv, internet access?

A typical junk

Such an odd sight - junks against the high rise buildings of the city

Our 'sampan' ride guide - since the water is heavily polluted and the fishing industry is not part of the economy today, these fishermen's main source of income is paddling tourists around Aberdeen Harbour.

Fishing boat

There were also yachts docked at the harbour which belonged to the rich & famous of Hong Kong.

I liked this one in particular - maybe because it stood out from the rest

Apparently, this is the most expensive yacht there - 4 billion

Aberdeen is also home to the famous giant floating restaurant - Jumbo Kingdom. According to our tour guide, the quality of the food there is really bad. But it does look nice when it's all lit up at night (I've seen pics).

Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant - includes a cafe, conference & banquet facilities, cultural attractions, a Cooking Academy and exhibits.

Next stop - Repulse be continued.

Hong Kong: Grilled/Fried Squid

Not surprisingly, there were stalls littered around Kowloon selling fried and grilled squid, intestines, fish balls, crab sticks and god knows what else. A bit like your average Lok Lok :-)

As I later found out, these stalls were EVERYWHERE – Disneyland, shopping malls, and MRT stations. You could even find a street that had 3 of these stalls located within a 100 yards from each other!

Grilled Squid (HK$ 12) - for 1 stick

Hong Kong: Night Markets

The Night Markets were just a few minutes walk from the hotel, in the heart of Mongkok. By 7pm, it was already dark and so bloody cold that the only thing we could think of was to buy gloves and extra pair of socks! :-)

The nearest market was the Jade Market. I’m not really a fan of jade - to me it’s just green/white rocks! There were jade pendants, jade necklaces and basically anything that can be put together with jade. So, we just took a quick look and moved on.

Chinese Chess Pieces

Along the way, I noticed that boots of every make and size were literally on sale at every corner. And in the freezing weather at night, you would think people would bundle up like we were. But young girls especially, were dressed in leggings, miniskirts and of course boots.

The cheapest pair of boots I found were going for HK$ 300

We ventured on to the much heard-about Ladies Market. It was similar to Petaling Street except with more stuff for women. All the stuff here can be bargained but if your Cantonese is not up to par and if you’re a foreigner, you would be ripped off big time. Lucky for me, my friend used his Cantonese charm *LOL* and got quite good prices.

Entrance to the Ladies Market

There were also fake branded items ranging from handbags to clothing – Billabong, Guess, Louis Vitton, etc. Other than t-shirts and souveniers, I didn’t really shop much here coz these were stuff that you could get back home.

We also noticed a few things that are DEFINITELY not found in Petaling Street.

You can probably find every single sex uniform known to mankind here.

At first I was wondering what were those hideous-looking thingys with the long noses supposed to be and when I looked closely....

...these were actually for men! I can't imagine anything that's more of a turn off in bed*LOL*

Next was the Temple Street Night Market which is also infamously known as ‘Men Street’. It wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be. From what I read about Temple Street, there would be Chinese Fortune Tellers and Palm Readers but I didn’t see any of that. Although there were watches, belts, shirts, jackets – basically items for men. Most of them were really dirt cheap. We got our gloves and socks here too – all for HK$ 30.

I didn’t take any pics here coz there was nothing really worth capturing and also coz my fingers were numb from the cold!

Before heading back to the hotel, we went to grab dinner at some restaurant nearby. Did I mention that the food in Hong Kong come in humungous portions and that Chinese tea is served (FOC) with anything you order?

Braised Pork Knuckle Noodle (HK$ 30+)

Basically anything that came with soup was heaven for us!

Shrimp Dumpling Soup (HK$ 20+) - I really enjoyed this and the size of the shrimps were twice the size of 'udangs' back home.

The next day was the start of our Hong Kong city tour so we decided to get a good night’s rest. Look out for my post where I’ll be blogging about the Buddha of Wealth and Prosperity as well as, Aberdeen’s fishing village.

Hong Kong: The Streets of Kowloon

On Day 1, we had to cover for our own meals so we took a walk near the hotel looking for somewhere decent to have lunch. The first thing we noticed was that the streets were squeaky clean - no dust or dirt even in the alleys.

We managed to find a shop that looked pretty OK (considering that there was a crowd) where the pricing was not too expensive. When it came to ordering, the tauke could only speak Cantonese (which is their 1st language in Hong Kong). Lucky for me, my friend could speak a lil’ Cantonese so we managed to order the below.

Pork Noodle Soup (HK$ 17) - I never fully appreciated a hot bowl of soup until I tasted this in the freezing weather of Hong Kong.

BBQ Chicken Rice (HK$ 32) - the sauce is not too oily and unlike anything in KL that I've tasted before.

I was quite surprised coz along the way, I counted at least five 7-Elevens and all within a short distance from one another. Check out the rest of the pics below!

Pork Galore!

We saw plenty of these along the streets of Kowloon.

Some temple near the hotel - can't remember its name though

Senior citizens concentrating very hard on their Chinese checkers!

After lunch, we just walked around and stocked up on water and tidbits from 7-11. Since we were quite worn out from lack of sleep, we decided crash in the room for a few hours and check out the street markets later at night.

Look out for my next post where i'll be blogging about Ladies Market **wink**, Temple Street Night Market and Jade Market :)

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