Cake Sense Cafe, TTDI

The title above sound familiar? That's because I put up a post on Cake Sense much earlier but didn't mention about the Cake Sense Cafe located above Cake Sense.

The place is quite nice and cozy. There's soft music (think Norah Jones) playing in the background and a plus factor - not many people. I doubt most people are actually aware about the cafe above the bakery.

There's also a smoking section (out near the balcony).

I decided to go with one of their set lunch meals. For RM8.90, I chose Pandan Chicken Fried Rice which comes with Ice Lemon Tea and Fresh Fruits. The pandan chicken tasted a bit dry and could have been more (in terms of quantity/size). The fried rice was a bit burned (the kind you get when you scrape the bottom of a rice cooker) but it tasted all right when mixed with sambal (provided by them).

Bottomline: This dish is nothing much to shout about.

Ice Lemon Tea will always be ice lemon tea, except in this case, I requested for NO ice cubes (since the weather is freakin' cold) so mine became Chilled Lemon Tea - needs PLENTY of sugar syrup.

The Fresh Fruits (as per the set).

One of my colleagues tried the Vegetarian Pizza (RM15.90) and I must say, that it tasted really good. It's a thin-crust pizza with toppings that included mushrooms, red/green capcicum and tomato puree. The crust is not as thin as Domino's thin-crust pizzas but it's equally good.

Another one of my colleagues had the Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Tartin (RM10.90). It's actually baked ciabatta with grilled herbs chicken breast, pineapple relish and cheesy mozzarella.

Not too bad for the price really.

Vietnam Kitchen, Plaza OUG

Last night, I decided to try the Vietnam Kitchen as I've heard about it from various people. The outlet I went to was in Plaza OUG (located along Old Klang Road).

The restaurant was pretty nice and clean. There was light music playing in the background and the service was not too bad. But I didn't really see much that emphasized Vietnam though (no, I don't expect to see a miniature scale of Saigon).

For an appetizer, the Fresh Prawn Roll (RM6.90) had a minty flavour to it. It was quite tasty - when dipped into the sauce that came with it. Otherwise, it tasted a bit raw on its own (too raw for my tastebuds).

As for the main course, the Saigon Seafood Fried Noodles (Hor Fun) (RM12.90) was excellent! The vegetables and meat were fresh plus, the gravy gave the whole dish a very authentic flavour.

I decided to skip dessert since I was quite stuffed with the noodles already. But personally, the prices for ala carte dishes looked pretty reasonable to me and judging by the quality of food so far, the Vietnam Kitchen is definitely a place worth coming back to (I know I would).

My New Handbag

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my all-new, glossy ultra-cool, handbag.

Yep, got this at the Curve flea market for just RM30 (after bargaining - was initially RM40) and the bag is really spacious - you can even slot in your umbrella (the small one, of course)!

Of course, it's no Guess or Gucci, but it still looks equally good. The stuff you can get at the Curve flea market is endless.

Now, all I need is a good dinner bag... ;-)


It was not my intention to watch Wall-E. On the contrary, I was planning to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars but due to the heavy rain and traffic, I was too late to catch the evening show.

So back to Wall-E, I really didn’t know what to expect considering that I didn’t read any reviews prior to watching the movie and the fact that it was a non-dialogue movie (well, almost none anyway). But to my surprise, the movie was really entertaining, charming and had a really good dose of humor.

It has been many years into the future and Wall-E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) who has been busy cleaning up the earth’s toxic waste, meets a sleek, sophisticated robot named Eve. Naturally, the klutzy-shy Wall-E falls head-over-heels in love with Eve.

On the other hand, Eve realizes that Wall-E has stumbled upon a key for the return of mankind to Earth. She races back to space to report her findings to the humans (who have been awaiting word that it’s safe to go home) and lovesick Wall-E follows her all the way.

The plot is a refreshing change even for a computer-animated movie. Wall-E strikes me as this really adorable robot who’s been lonely with his pet cockroach for too long and is longing for affection (reminds me of Puss in Boots in Shrek doing his pitiful-look). The other characters are also equally funny, especially the cleaning robots who can’t stand the sight of dirt.

Another humorous part is the humans, who have been living in space for some hundred of years. They don’t do anything but sit, sleep and eat (explains why all of them are fat and cannot stand on their feet)!

But really, if you enjoyed watching, ‘Cars’, ‘The Incredibles’ or ‘Ratatouille’, you would definitely enjoy Wall-E.

Image source: Rotten Tomatoes

Accessory Gala

I was at Curve over the weekend and decided to stock up on accessories (earrings, bangles, chokers, u get the idea). So with RM60, I splurged on a whole load of stuff - and below is my collection (after combining with my existing accessories).

I have this briefcase-like case that's perfect for keeping makeup but I decided to use it for something else...

Yes, call me a pain but I love to be organized.

That was RM60 well spent. The Curve flea market is just so much fun to go to. You can always find something new there, something unexpected. I also bought a new handbag since I've had my good ole' dependable bag for like a century, but that would be kept for another post.

Hmm... now I need to look for clothes that would match my new accessories...

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Here we go again. Ancient 5000-year old mummies brought back to life to unleash evil upon the earth and its up to Rick and Evelyn O'Connell to save the world in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser)
Evelyn O’Connell (Maria Bello)
Jonathan (John Hannah)
Alex O’Connell (Luke Ford)
Emperor Han (Jet Li)
Zi Yuan (Michelle Yeoh)

I found the movie to be all right but it was not as good as the first movie in The Mummy franchise. The action scenes were good but the plot resembled an average B-grade low-budget film. To be honest, it was quite disappointing.

Plus, when hear The Mummy, you think ancient Egypt, pharaohs and curses, not the Han dynasty of ancient China. But I have to admit that Brendan Fraser, Maria Bello and John Hannah played their roles well. I much preferred Rachel Weisz but Maria Bello was almost as good in the character of Evelyn O'Connell.

On the other hand, Jet Li looked so expressionless that he looked like he had undergone botox treatment. I thought his (late) General Ming looked more alive compared to him.

One thing I did like about the movie, is that they had replicas of Terra-Cotta warriors that were used to guard the emperor's tomb (can't help it, I love world history).

But I think they should have just left it at The Mummy. Too many sequels just spoils the whole idea.

Image source: Rotten Tomatoes


Normally, you would expect to find motivational or self-help books under the category of Self Enrichment.

But I found it quite funny when I saw the book below.

Like duh, for the obvious reasons of course. Do we actually need a 200-page book for that??

Cake Sense, TTDI

It just so happened to be my colleague’s birthday today, so the whole office pitched in to get a cake for her. Conveniently, Cake Sense in TTDI serves some of the best cakes (in small sizes - perfect for a party of 5) around the area.

I absolutely looove the cake designs. It’s so gorgeous that you wouldn’t really wanna eat them!

And did I mention that they sell cupcakes too? Yep, these tiny things go for just RM1.00 each. (Available in vanilla, chocolate & pandan flavour)

So, I finally decided on American Chocolate Mousse (RM22.90) and man, did it taste good – all that rich and creamy chocolate... (sigh). Seriously, I think Cake Sense can give Secret Recipe a run for their money.

Happy Birthday Gaya!

The Illusionist

I know this came out wayyy back but I watched it on DVD yesterday and I must say that The Illusionist is one of the most captivating movies I’ve seen so far. Quite similar to The Prestige, this movie leans more towards the love story between Eisenhiem and Sophie von Teschen, with the mystery of magic.

Image source: Rotten Tomatoes

Why should you watch it?

1. Vienna (think early 19th century) as the backdrop.

2. The enchanting musical score by Philip Glass.

3. The ever gorgeous Edward Norton as the mysterious stage magician.

4. If you love good ole’ mysterious magic and illusion.

5. If you’re looking for a slow thriller with an ending that will make you go “Oohhh…I didn’t think of it that way…..”

Why should you NOT watch it?

1. If you can’t digest slow movies with an unpredictable ending.

2. If you do not like movies set in the 19th century.

3. If you did not like The Prestige (starring Hugh Jackman & Christian Bale).

4. If you do not like magic (man, you must've had some childhood).

5. I can’t think of any other reason.

7 Days to Post-Breakup

Image source: Getty Images

Day 1 & 2
Yes, cry as much as you want to. Trust me – the more you grieve, the faster you’ll be able to put this experience behind you and move on with your life.
What You Need: Plenty of Kleenex

Day 3
I know it’s a bad habit to binge, but make this an exception and indulge your sweet tooth in your all-time favourite chocolate-covered marshmallows (the added sugar intake is like anti-depressant for the mind).
What You Need: Famous Amos cookies, Haagen-Dazs ice-cream

Day 4
Watch romantic comedies – guaranteed to give you a confidence boost.
Laughter is INDEED the best medicine.
What You Need: Friends, Bridget Jones Diary, See Jane Date

Day 5
Listen to some of your favourite tunes (and I don’t mean sappy, lovey-dovey songs).
What You Need: Songs from Sister Sledge, Aretha Franklin

Day 6
Time for feng shui – by throwing the bad stuff out of your life, you’re allowing good things to come in. Clear out stuff (photos, ticket stubs, pressed dried-flowers, etc.) that are of you and him. The least items remind you of him, the better.
What You Need: Rubbish bin, boxes

Day 7
Take the extra free time to have a girls’ night out (or in). Go clubbing, catch a movie, or go through your old school’s yearbook together. Now would be a good time to fill that organiser with appointments.
What You Need: Bottle of Vodka, makeup, pizza, high heels (or fuzzy slippers)

Best 'valu' for your money

I know we've got rights as a consumer to get our money's worth....

but even I would worry when their value is only a four-lettered word.

Batman: The Dark Knight

Sure, it’s overdue but a good movie is still a good movie.

Batman/Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale)
The Joker (the late Heath Ledger)
Harvey Dent/Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart)
Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal)
Alfred (Michael Caine)
Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman)

The hype that surrounded The Dark Knight before it was released was unbelievable, especially after the death of Heath Ledger. Since I only got tickets 2 weeks after the movie came out due to the overwhelming crowd, I had already heard reviews from various people (can be quite annoying after a while). But all what I heard made me even more excited to watch it.

The Dark Knight serves to be worth every minute played in the cinema. The movie opens up with Gotham City’s new D.A. Harvey Dent who, with the help of Batman and Commissioner Gordon, is bent on ‘cleaning’ up the city of its corruption. And then comes this deranged lunatic in clown-like makeup and a purple suit who unites criminals and drug lords to eliminate their common enemy: Batman.

“It’s simple. Kill. The Batman”

I thought Heath Ledger’s performance was brilliant. He played the role of a diabolical maniac so well that his performance could have easily overshadowed Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Aaron Eckhart also portrayed the role of a D.A. who turns ‘Two-Face’ surprisingly well. Perhaps the dialogue for Bruce Wayne/Batman could have been less clich├ęd because the movie could have very well went on without him in it.

The plot was excellent and just when you thought that you knew what was coming, the plot thickened further. Seriously, I didn’t realize it was going past 2 hours because that was how gripped I was to the movie. The action scenes were equally good, with lots of road chase and explosions at every corner.

On the whole, the Dark Knight is a movie worth watching (maybe even more than once). Plus, I absolutely loved The Joker’s terrifying laugh. It just added to the whole theme of the movie: Dark, Diabolical & Disturbing.

“Why so serious?”

Image source: Rotten Tomatoes

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