Happy Thursday!

You know how sometimes you just wake up feeling all geared up, positive and full of excitement to start the day? Well, that's how I feel today.

Reasons? There's plenty.

Had lots of time to wash, dry, iron my hair before heading to work

Got to work with enough time to make hot tea before delving into emails

Listening to my just-purchased Madonna Celebration CD (always been a huge fan of Madonna)

Painted my toe nails yellow

Wearing pale yellow-ribbon earrings

On top of everything work-wise

It's Thursday (one day closer to Friday!)

    Here's wishing you guys a Happy Thursday and hope you have a great day too! :)

    4 comment(s):

    lina said...

    I keep on thinking tomorrow is a weekend already. ;)

    sriyany said...

    lina: That's how I felt too :)

    Life Ramblings said...

    I love weekends and Fridays. It's always been great to unwind after a long and tiring week.

    sriyany said...

    Life Ramblings: I couldn't agree more :)

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