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Girls & Guitar Fundraiser @ Laila's Cafe & Lounge

If you've got nothing to do on a Saturday night and you've got an ear for fantastic folk, rock and acoustic music, head down to Laila's Cafe & Lounge for the 3rd session of Girls & Guitar. As displayed above, the door charges are only RM20. Most importantly, proceeds from the door charges go to the PRIDE Foundation (Pink Ribbon Deeds) - a breast cancer awareness charity that aims to increase awareness efforts and improve accessibility to treatment and care of breast cancer.

So if you're nearby Kelana Jaya, stop by and check this out!

Soft Toy Fad?

Maybe I'm just a lil behind times, but is there a soft toy fad going around these days? As in a soft toy hanging from the outside of your car. If you remember, I blogged about something similiar a while ago. Honestly, I don't see the sense in it. Hanging signs and stickers or soft toys inside your car is reasonable but outside? If another car hits you from the back, Bart Simpson would be flattened like a pancake!

I saw this on my way to work a couple of days ago. It looks kinda cute but also kinda morbid at the same time. Bart Simpson looks like he's on hangman's noose!

Maybank Madness

Have you tried to use any Maybank ATM or Cash Deposit Machine? If you have, you would know that an average of 2 machines would be down in any outlet. The one remaining ATM or Cash Deposit Machine would have a queue as long as the Great Wall of China!

Seriously, it's really frustrating! This does not only happen once or twice but almost everyday, if you pass by a Maybank outlet, you can see lines of people waiting because 1 or 3 machines are offline or spitting out your card as soon as you insert it or just plain out (or full) of cash. By the time Securicor gets to the outlet would take hours and it's not like they rush to finish up their job. I often go to Taipan in Subang to do my banking and almost everytime I go to Maybank, there would be a throng of people looking so miserable coz one man at the atm is taking too long.

I don't see issues like this in other banks like CIMB or Public Bank. There are always plenty of machines to go around and I seldom see more than 1 ATM down at a time. Maybank is one of the most commonly used banks out there. Shouldn't they increase the amount of machines at their outlets to cater to the huge customer base?

I know I know. Online banking. But believe me or not, Maybank2U is almost unreliable as the machines at their outlets. And don't get me started on their over-the-counter service. Hmph!

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