Excellent Value Budget Hotel In Ipoh

If you've figured out from my previous posts, I was in Ipoh with caramel honey last weekend for a wedding dinner. Since we didn't want to drive back home last at night, we decided to stay the night. After some thorough searching, I found the French Hotel in downtown Ipoh.

Very near to most shops, restaurants and malls in Ipoh, the hotel was a pleasant surprise! Clean and comfortable rooms (we were lucky coz the hotel was just refurbished) and helpful staff were some of the best elements of the hotel. 

Guitarist not included!

By the way, it was raining when we arrived, and after a tiring 2-hour drive, we were relieved but a bit skeptical when we saw the old neon-looking sign of the French Hotel but after being ushered inside the indoor garage for the night (coz of the rain) which we were grateful for, expectations of the hotel were definitely off to a good start. 

On the whole, it was an enjoyable trip. Being in the centre of the laid-back town of Ipoh gave us a great advantage to explore the wide variety of hawker stalls and Chinese restaurants around the area. At a very reasonable rate of MYR138 per night, it's worth checking in here for a weekend stay.

(Foreigner) I've Been Waiting For A Girl Like You

This song has been in my head ever since I heard it on Glee, which was a very nice acoustic version in fact but as much as I like Puck's singing, nothing beats the original. With that said, hope the lot of you are enjoying the weekend :)

Double dose of motivation!

I've been reading this book lately - Follow Your Heart by Andrew Matthews. It's quite insightful and I'm only halfway through. Some of the things he writes about are basic lessons that we've learnt over the years but due to silly distractions life throw at us, we overlook those lessons. 

I am not saying it's the law of attraction hype all over again (which is somewhat touched on I think in later chapters) but the book consists of these short, straightforward passages that tell you what you may be doing wrong with your life in order to make it better. Normally, I'm not a big believer in self-help books but this one is surprisingly a good read. Plus, the author's illustrations are funny complements to his writing.

In fact, I've tried applying the same lessons in my day-to-day life, and realize that my work is now so much better and the way I view things (often with a negative approach) is slowly reducing. It's a slow improvement, which should be the case, but a good one :)

Also, another reason to be happy this week (or ever really) is that I've cleared off the balance of my evil credit card! *clap clap

How you ask? Well, the company I work for provides profit-sharing for all employees and this year, it was big amount (at least by my standards). Enough to maybe buy a tablet, splurge on skin care products or clothes, buy a return plane ticket to Europe.......but sanity took over and I decided zero-balance on my credit card was the best option in the long run. Next step: cancel credit card *rub hands in glee*

One step further to being debt-free...at least until I'm 30!

Scariest Ride of My Life!

Caramel honey and I spent the weekend in Ipoh as we had a wedding dinner to attend there. The strange part is, we don't remember seeing taxis or cabs anywhere in town. Except for the odd minibus, we never saw taxis waiting by the road, seeing that this is Ipoh town with its glorious food stalls and tourists milling about. Such a vast difference from KL where you get a gazillion taxis at every corner. 

Thinking about taxis just reminds me of my time in India, few years ago. 

My family and I were in Agra, India. Having just visited the Taj Mahal, the tour van dropped us off at our hotel but we wanted to do some shopping (which happened to be around the Taj area) so we decided to take an auto to get there. If you've visited India, Cambodia or Vietnam, you'll notice the traffic is next to insane - how they manage to drive/ride without colliding into one another is an acquired skill.

So we hailed an auto from the hotel, the bellboy explained to the driver that we wanted to go to the Taj Mahal area as we wanted to do some shopping. Once we got in (in being a 3-seater on a 3-wheel ride with a mini engine) and he started driving, I thought I was gonna fall out! It's like being on a not-so-fast roller coaster on 3 wheels. If you had just eaten, trust me, you DO NOT want to get into an auto.

To our surprise, the driver asked us, as best as he could, where/what we'd like to do. So we explained we wanted to do some shopping (mind you, we were already near the Taj Mahal at this point). Then, he went on saying, he knows of a shop not far away that sells nicer things for a cheaper price, etc. Next thing we knew, he had made a U-turn and started speeding away to this so-called souvenir shop. 

My dad started shouting at him to turn back to the Taj Mahal and he kept arguing with my dad - obviously India locals know best! In the end, we insisted he take us back to the hotel (which he did, thank God) and my dad gave an him an earful (and complained to the bellboy). Good to say, we never took any autos after that!

Career vs Curry

*sigh* Yes, I've been so busy that I kinda forgot I actually own a blog. I'm sure by now flies have been hovering over here (sorry, that was disgusting). It's just been work, new found passion for baking, more work, rekindled hobby of drawing/art, family, and much more work. Sometimes, I'll be lucky to even update my Facebook status!

Just the other day, I was engrossed in my work, with headphones on and munching on this (delectable) curry puff. Moments later, my colleague turned to me and asked, "How's your career path?". For a minute there, I was dumbfounded. What's more we were days away from launching our brand new careers website for the company and it seemed quite unusual, yet somehow relatively normal for her to be asking something to do with my career path.

Then, I took out my headphones and apparently she was asking, "How's your curry puff?" *shakes head*

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