Teen Heartthrobs

Did you have life-size posters of your favourite teenage heartthrobs on the bedroom wall when you were young? Those posters were probably a timeline of your first massive teenage crush at the age of 13 (or earlier for some of you). But as life went on, the posters came down and were eventually replaced by photos or graffiti of some kind.

Heck, I still have some of the old teen mags that were solely to supply close-ups of boybands and teen stars (I used to be a scrooge and save a portion of my allowance every month to buy these magazines, and yet parents complain we don't know how to manage our finances!)

Anyway, I thought it would be great nostalgic fun to display some of the teenage heartthrobs I adored when I was young (the list is actually very long so I've had to narrow it down to the best 5 *sob*sob*).

Image source: WolfGang's Vault

Luke Perry (left) - who could forget the bad boy of Beverly Hills 90210? (sigh...)

Image source: starboy.de

Jonathan Brandis - the hottie from The Never Ending Story saga

Image source: Teen Idols 4 You

Devon Sawa - the baby-face was quick to capture every girl's heart!

Kavana - the very catchy MFEO was like a theme song for us girls and what more can I say? He was just too adorable to resist!

Image Source: anhso.net

Backstreet Boys - good God, they were like BSB-mania (almost similiar to Beatlemania in the 60's). I particularly liked Nick Carter (who didn't) and Kevin Richardson (the dark, brooding type).

Alicafe Restaurant in TTDI

The name sounds weird for a restaurant right? That's exactly what I thought when I first heard it.

Off on the quest of filling our hungry stomachs during lunch, we decided to give Alicafe a try. After all, the atmosphere looked good and the food sounded delicious (the prices were nice as well!).

Located in the same row as Devi's Corner, Alicafe is pretty small but they managed to allocate a space for smokers in particular - not bad and the place has got a really comfy lounge-like seating area too.

I had the Ali Chilli Chicken Rice (RM10) and warm water (which they don't charge for, by the way). Quite nice - although the portions were kinda small.

Similiarly, you could try the Ali Curry Chicken Rice (RM10). A bit too plain if you ask me.

If you're in the mood for something Italian and you're a vegetarian for the day, you could go for the Spaghetti Bolognaise (RM16) - without the meat of course. Although the person that had this said there was too much tomatoes - it was like eating tomatoes alone!

As for drinks, my colleague felt a lil bit adventurous and tried the Hot Alicafe Mas (RM6) - don't really get the name though. It's actually coffee mixed with banana.

Still tasted quite bitter even after adding milk and sugar.

And the usual Hot Lemon Tea (RM6).

It's a wee bit pricey for my liking and there are not many varieties to choose from so I don't think I'll be paying Alicafe a second visit anytime soon.

Let's do the GOssip!

What's the latest gossip in town? The Emmy's fashion catastrophes? Lynne Spears's tell-all book drama? Nope. Come closer to home and you'll find Gossip with a capital G - in Project Gossip.

Summer Sands Production Sdn Bhd and Rotaract Club of Taylors Business School collaborated on Project Gossip - a three-phase-campaign aimed to raise awareness among youth regarding the social welfare of women in the country. The three phases include the issues of violence against women, safe sex and appreciating the roles of women in the society.
GO Away – highlights the issues of violence against women
GO Safe – promotes safe sex among women and
GO Celebrate - expresses gratitude for the sacrifices of women in society
The 3-day campaign started from 24 - 26 September at Asia Cafe, SS15 Subang Jaya. The 3rd day of the awareness campaign (Go Celebrate) ended with the grand Go Celebrate Street Party which, included a lineup of Malaysia's local artists of the music scene.

I've always supported any effort made to create a women awareness campaign coz I think youths especially, need them. Unfortunately, I only made it to the Go Celebrate Street Party on the 3rd day (sigh...the sacrifices of a working girl - to be posted soon!) but it was worth it. Tickets were only RM5 and ALL proceeds go to charity.

I got an old issue of CLEO and some very patriotic greeting cards - not too bad really. Apparently, there were other goodies from Cosmopolitan magazine but I was too late as they were already out of stock :-(

There was even a Durex counter nearby giving away free condoms (!!!)

The stage looked good - I absolutely loved the backdrop! I thought Asia Cafe was a pretty good spot to hold the event - it's near to 3 colleges and it's filled to the brim with food stalls.

College kids + food + concert = Excellent combination!

Most importantly, Pietro from Mix FM and a sixteen-year old Denise (she doesn't look 16, honestly) were the MCs for the night. I've always loved him on air with Serena C in the mornings so his sense of humor really lightened up the mood that night.

Anyway, the concert was great! I think there were a lot of last minute changes to the artist lineup (not suprisin) but they made it work. There was barely a crowd at first but about an hour into the concert, more people decided to splurge on the 5 bucks to join the event. Some of the artists included..

Free to Fall

(this grunge girl band - the lead vocalist rocked pretty good)

Crystal Wong

(no idea who she is - but she sang Dido's White Flag quite well)

Adi *something*

(can't remember his last name - but he sang REALLY well and he's got a great voice!)

Suki Low (winner of One in a Million Malaysia 2006 - for a 19-year old, she can definitely sing!). Click here to check her out!

Trend (this dance troupe - pretty impressive for a large group of dancers). Click here to check them out!

I knew One Buck Short was due on stage soon but I was sweating, hungry and just plain tired after coming straight from work. So, regrettably I had to leave but I'm glad that I at least stopped by to check it out. Here's to more women awareness campaigns in the future!

Material Source: Gossip

Ramadan Market at TTDI

I ventured into the Ramadan Market at TTDI yesterday and the sight of the food looked delicious. The crowd wasn't so bad considering I went around 6 in the evening.

Among the food I bought were the Kepak Madu (RM1.50 each) - very, very tasty!

And the ever famous Ayam Percik (RM4) but it seems to have lost its percik-ness somehow :-(


Normally, I don't wear makeup on a regular basis - just a bit of powder is enough for me. So, my makeup case is pretty much...empty. The first time I tried M.A.C on my face, the effect was unbelievable - my skin looked flawless! Open pores, chicken pork marks and other unidentified objects were reduced by almost 98%. For once in my life....

I. Looked. Gorgeous.

*ahem* But anyway, I took the liberty to visit the M.A.C counter at Mid Valley (by the way, their service sucks - they don't really look like they wanna help you. Try the counter at KLCC - they're much more helpful and friendlier) to stock up on my existing M.A.C products. After careful spending (the prices are like bombs - can seriously give you a stroke), these are all the M.A.C products I currently own.

The M.A.C First Response Eye Cream (RM120) is a primer for eyes and a base for the concealer. One good thing about this product - it has a cooling effect and absorbs into your skin quite fast (it usually takes about a minute for me).

Next, the M.A.C Select Cover-Up concealer (RM60) is a cream-based product. M.A.C has many ranges for concealers but I realized that cream-based blends well into my skin. This particular shade is NW35 (I think). The concealer lasts all day and you don't really have to touch up throughout the day. Plus, this product lasts a long time (depending on your usage) as I've been using this for nearly a year now.

The M.A.C Studio Fix powder + foundation (RM105) is the best thing I've ever bought from M.A.C. This wonder produces a matte effect and blends well into your skin (you won't look pasty/caked). Plus, it's mostly powder and a bit of foundation so it's perfect as a makeup base.

The Studio Fix powder lasts quite long - you don't need to touch -up until the end of the day. But for people with oily skin (namely me), you should try blotters to blot out the oil. One bad thing though, Studio Fix is not refillable but it should probably last you almost a year (depending on usage). By the way, this shade is NC42.

On the other hand, the M.A.C Studio Perfect foundation (RM160) comes with SPF 15. This is fully foundation only so you know what to expect. Probably the only good thing about this is that it's got SPF 15 and that it's refillable. However, it makes your skin even more oily and it doesn't really have that matte effect like the Studio Fix range. I've hardly ever used this - don't really have a need for it just yet!

Another thing that's unlike me - I bought this M.A.C Eyeshadow (a whopping RM57). This shade is aptly called Romp. A very bronze-gold shade, it's perfect for a night out or if you simply want to glam up your eyes for an event. It glides easily over the eyes but so far I haven't really seen anything extraordinary about this.

EVIAN Facial Spray

Imagine ice cool mist on your face that refreshes and hydrates your skin, at the same time helps fix your makeup.

I recently purchased a bottle of Evian Facial Spray through one of my colleagues for RM12 (think that's the retail price anyway). I have to say that when I first heard of it, I was thinking along the lines of "What?! 12 bucks for a water spray can??".

This is not just any water spray can. It's the EVIAN natural mineral water spray can. When I first sprayed it on my face - I have to admit it had a very cooling effect and at some point, my skin actually looked more refreshed. The size is just right too - small enough to fit into a handbag.

One bad point though, I seriously think RM12 is way too expensive for a teeny, tiny can like the one above.

However, this is perfect to be used mid-day for those working people (yes, even you) who are too busy to be bothered with their face and can use a quick perk-me-up.

Also available in a pack of 3 - for RM36 at any SASA outlet.

The Amazing Race Asia 3: Online Board Game

For those die-hard fans of the Amazing Race Asia who did not make it on the show, you still have a chance to win some really nice goodies with the Amazing Race Asia 3: Online Board Game. The game comes with the famous Detours, Roadblocks and Fast Forwards that you have to go through to reach the finish line.

Most importantly, you can play as many times as you want but don't forget to submit your score in the end, or you will not stand to win those amazing prizes.

All you have to do is simply register with AXN Asia (it just takes about 1 min) and you're all set to join the game.

Click here to play!

La Manila

I was not aware that La Manila in TTDI offered other food besides cakes and pastry, till recently.

They had the usual set lunch meals at about RM10.90++ but I decided to go ala carte.

The Tom Yam Fried Rice (RM8.90) caught my attention as I was in the mood for something spicy. It tasted all right though. Even I could have done that on my own if I had a plate of rice and a packet of Maggi Tom Yam seasoning.

On the other hand, the Curry Chicken Rice (RM8.90) was more of Rendang Chicken Rice by the looks of it. The rendang tasted good though and the portions were quite all right for the price.

La Manila also had their selection of freshly-baked pies. One of my colleagues tried the Vegetarian Pie (can't remember the price though but pretty sure it was less than RM5).

Apparently, (whisper) it did not taste that good.

More food from Cake Sense Cafe

I'm sure you've tried the ever-famous Ikan Bakar in SS2, PJ. What I had for lunch today is pretty similiar but not quite the same. The Portugese Baked Fish (RM16.90) offered by Cake Sense Cafe consists of a baked dory covered with homemade sambal, and served with steamed rice and acar.

What suprised me most was that the fish was served in this REALLY man-hole deep of a bowl, that I had to literally look into the bowl to see the fish. Are they afraid the fish are gonna jump out of the bowl or something??

Then again, I don't think it's worth ordering this the next time round coz the rice was a bit over-cooked and the fish gravy - let's just say that you'll need lots of ice water for that amount of spice. Plus, I think Portugese Baked Fish tastes better with Ikan Pari (as served by the stalls in SS2, PJ) coz the dory didn't really go that well with the gravy.

Couple of my colleagues went on a pizza spree today so behold...

Roast Onion and Beef Pepperoni (RM16.90)

Grilled Chicken and Mushroom (RM16.90)

As I mentioned before, Cake Sense Cafe serves the most scrumptious pizzas ever and I think it's pretty impresive, considering they've got Pizza Hut and Domino's just around the corner from them. I'm definitely trying one of their pizzas the next time I head to Cake Sense Cafe.

Babylon A.D.

It's the season of flops.

Hollywood can't help it. They're running out of reputable movies to release so it's back to making B-grade-plot movies. Babylon A.D is a fine example.

The year is some 2035 and the world is hanging on the verge of apocalypse from a very beautiful Russian girl. And of course, a smuggler/terrorist hiding in the slums of Russia is hired to transfer the 'package' (Russian girl) to the United States. The role of the smuggler is played by none other than Vin Diesel (is that even his real name?).

And really, Michelle Yeoh? I think starting from Mummy 3, this aging Asian actress is running out of good roles that she's just filling in any offers she receive. I think she should just stick to what she know best - Chinese kung-fu movies.

Anyway, it was a waste of RM12 to watch this movie in the cinema. If you really want to watch this movie, you should probably just catch it on DVD (the 7 bucks one, if you know what i mean).

My advice: Skip it

Image source: Yahoo Movies, Rotten Tomatoes

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