The last of 2009

I'm glad to say that the New Year spirit is finally kicking in for me :) I've been receiving so much bad news in the last few weeks that I didn't think I would be in the mood to celebrate. But I've very excited for the coming new year. I hope 2010 would be a much better year than this one - actually no, I know next year is gonna be a good year coz I'm gonna make it good :)

Happy New Year everyone!

The X'Mas tree I helped decorate this year. I've never decorated a Christmas tree before this :P

It's Been A Hard Day's Night!

I grew up listening to a variety of music including the likes of ABBA, Boney M, Cliff Richard, Madonna, Kylie, Tom Jones and of course, The Beatles. It was not by choice actually. My mum was a big fan of The Beatles and she used to play their hits back to back, every single day (and back then, cassettes were a big deal). It came to a point where my sister and I could remember the order of the songs and had the lyrics to each song memorized.

Till today, some of my favourite Beatles tunes are All My Loving, I Feel Fine, Ticket to Ride, Eleanor Rigby, She Loves You, Paperback Writer, And I Love Her and Yesterday. Their songs are not only easy to remember but quite easy to play on guitar. I've recently started learning guitar (delayed dream of becoming a rockstar!) and have been practising with some of these songs. Obviously, only the four walls of my room are allowed to hear me at this point!

*Beatlemania - the legion of screaming fans*

Back to the point, The Beatles were probably one of the greatest rock bands in the history of popular music and still pose a heavy influence in today's music scene. In fact, if you're a fan of Playstation or Xbox 360, you would know that the latest addition in the Rockband series is The Beatles Rockband. But before you get the game, you might want to check the track listing online for this game as I imagine, not ALL their hits would be included.

For some reason today, I just felt the need to listen to Paul McCartney and John Lennon belt out their hits. If you'd like a trip down memory lane, play the video below.


Shopping vs Sex

We all know women take shopping to a whole new level. In fact, most women have compared retail therapy to sex! I too find retail therapy particularly soothing in any situation (provided I've got the money of course).

Recently I went all out and splurged about 600 bucks on clothing, shoes and acessories. By norm, I lead a very frugal lifestyle (let's face it - we all can't afford to reward ourselves every week - at least not on my salary!) and only if I needed something, I would spend. So, spending 600 bucks in the span of say...1 week was a pretty big change.
But I have to admit, the thought of buying something new that somehow makes you look good in the fitting room mirrow, is exhilarating. Compared to sex, this feeling lasts a lot longer and it would probably be a couple of months before you get tired of it. Maybe shopping is a tad more expensive but if it's a boost to your self-esteem, why not?

Frames Cafe @ TTDI Plaza

If you're ever in TTDI Plaza, you should try this really quirky-looking cafe called Frames. It's decor alone would probably catch your eye. I've never actually seen the place packed but I guess that's an advantage if you just want a nice quiet meal.

Naturally, as per their name, the cafe's walls are covered with picture frames of various scenic views and abstract art. The whole concept makes the place quite cozy actually.

For the meals, we had the Set Lunch which were about RM15.90. Each set came with Soup of the Day and Iced Lemon Tea.

Below is the Chicken Ala Kiev - poached chicken breast served with brown sauce and sauteed mixed vegetables. According to Hui Xin, the chicken was a tad bit dry and not much sauce. We had to request for more brown sauce. This wouldn't be something that I'd order next time around.

The Grilled Dory was...surprising. Let's just say that the portions were a lil on the small side. But the vege and potato peels made up for it I guess. Again, not something I'd order the next time around.

However, the Grilled Lamb Steak looked much more appetizing.

The Fish & Chips was equally good. This one was ala-carte so the price was around RM22.

The next time I'm there I'll probably try some of their scrumptious-looking burgers - at least that was how good they looked in the menu :)

Brown-Eyed Girl to Grey/Blue-Eyed Girl

I don't know about you but contacts are some of the most uncomfortable things that your eye can ever endure.

I've always been facinated with contacts, wondering what would it be like to wear them but so far, my eyesight is still pretty good *touchwood*. So just last week, I puchased 3 pairs of monthly disposable coloured contacts in Green, Grey and Sterling Grey. Today, I got one of my colleagues to place a pair in my eyes since I wasn't so sure how to do it myself.

The agonizing process took one hour. Since I wasn't used to having something in my eyes, I kept blinking - despite holding my eyelids up as much as I could. It came to a point where my colleague had to literally force open my eyelids to place the soft disc. And it didn't help that my eyelashes got in the way.

Finally, from having hazel brown eyes, I now have sterling grey eyes. Although I have to admit, my eyes look more blue than grey.



But honestly, I don't think its worth all that trouble. Even till now, my eyes are still stinging a little and my vision is kinda blurry at times. I have no idea how people who wear prescription contacts get used to this.

Acoustic Tunes for Monday Blues

Today is just one those dry days, where you feel absolutely lazy, withdrawn, sleepy or in my case bloated (I just stuffed myself silly with Pizza Hut's Tempura Prawn Spagetti lunch set).

Plus, the weather is not really helping - I've always loved cloudy days with a breeze and this...HEAT...just slows everything down.

Anyway, in between slogging through my workload for the day, I felt the need for some acoustic/unplugged tunes. Since I'm out of anything remotely interesting to blog about (mind you, I'm so uninspired right now that I just might go on a blog-less spell for 6 months), I've decided to share my current playlist below (in no particular order).

1. Ryan Adams - (cover of Oasis's) Wonderwall

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Road Trippin'

3. Chris Daughtry - (cover of Lady Gaga's) Pokerface

4. Boyce Avenue - (cover of Vertical Horizon's) Everything You Want

5. Boyce Avenue - (cover of Goo Goo Dolls's) Slide

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge (Live at Slane Castle)

7. Tyler Ward - (cover of The Fray's) Never Say Never

8. Santana - Black Magic Woman (not acoustic but still one of my favourites)

9. Rodrigo & Gabriela - Stairway to Heaven (purely instrumental)

10. Incubus - Drive (acoustic version)

So there you have it. Of course, you can find them all on YouTube. Hopefully, these can get me through the day until I get home and play Guitar Hero 3 *face lights up in anticipation*.

Rest in Peace Gemy

Last night a friend of mine passed away. She was in late stages of dengue and in the last 2 days she was bleeding internally and her organs were failing one by one. She couldn't hold on to life support much longer and slipped away from us. She was only 21.

I was not that close to her but we've hung out before. Heck, just few weeks ago, a whole group of us were in PD for the weekend. To know that she is no longer around us is just plain shocking.

It just goes to show how short life can be and how we take it for granted most of the time. Anything can happen and before you know it, your time is up. I can't imagine how her family must be feeling. To lose someone so close to you, especially when it was not their time to go, is simply devastating.

I hope that her soul is blessed and she is at peace now. You will truly be missed, Gemy.

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