How to plant a 'Magic Bean'

I read somewhere of this magic bean that has really cute sayings on them such as, "Miss You", "Friends Forever" and other miscellaneous characters. Apparently, when the plant grows, the words will be etched on the plant (in some way or another). So I decided to try it out myself.

The bean itself is RM1 each. You can plant it with soil (RM4/per packet, I think) or crystal gel (ultra-cool coloured, transparent spheres for RM3/per packet). The beans and supplies can be obtained from a shop called I Wish in Asian Avenue, 1st Floor, Sunway Pyramid.

The difference between the crystal gel and soil is that - u need to water the bean everyday if it's in soil but you don't for the gel. The transparent gel is constantly moist so it provides sufficient moisture for the bean to grow.

Mine's of course, 'Scorpio' *winks* (The 'Be Happy' bean was for Angie) and I helped myself to a packet of green crystal soil (which is MORE than enough for 3 beans).

To start off, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Get a clear, transparent glass. It could be a wine glass, or a bowl.

Step 2:
Take about 1/2 teaspoon of crystal soil and place it in the cup. Then, fill the cup 3/4 full and set the glass aside. (Hot water will work faster on the soil - about less than 1 hour).

Step 3:
Wait until the soil has expanded in full. Then, drain out any excess water at the bottom of the cup.

Step 4:
Soak your bean in another cup of tap water for 5 minutes. Then, take it out and place it on TOP of the transparent gel.

Now, all you have to do is wait. According to the cashier at I Wish, it's supposed to take 1 week for the plant to grow.

So after a good ONE week.....

This was what I got. No idea what went wrong, especially after following everything the cashier at I Wish told me. Stupid @&%*$ China-made bean!


I know I've been out of the blogging scene for a while and to kick start blogs this week I give you...Winterbells (sounds cute, right?). I found it through Jason who mumbled about it.
It's quite a catchy, addictive game where you have to get the white rabbit to hop on as many bells as you can.
Each time you hop on a bell, the momentum lifts you upwards to reach more bells. Also, if you see a bird flying across the screen, hopping on it will increase your score.
Plus, it's got this really skippy folk background music - makes you think X'Mas is nearer than it looks. :-)

The white rabbit reminds me of Gwen Stefani's What You Waiting For music video. Try it - it's perfect for a rainy day with nothing to do.

P.S. No white rabbits were harmed in the scribbling of this post

Mamma Mia!

I was feeling quite down the last few days so I decided to go watch a movie on my own. I've heard rave reviews of Mamma Mia! but never got around to watching it till yesterday. And sure enough, the movie was just what I needed to cheer myself up. I'm a fan of musicals so any Broadway show that's adapted to a movie would really grab my attention. As for this movie, all I can say is - MAMMA MIA!
It was nothing short of brilliant. The movie had a good plot, great cast and a huge dose of humor. Even for those who are not a fan of musicals or ABBA's songs, you would still enjoy Mamma Mia! because the movie is plain hilarious on its own!

For those who are not too sure about the story, the movie's about a bride-to-be who wants her father to walk her down the aisle. Only thing is - she doesn''t know which one is he. So she invites all 3 possible fathers to the wedding - without her mum knowing. And that's where all the trouble and madness start.

The acting and singing were really good. Amanda Seyfried strikes me as a newcomer, but her voice is as clear as a bell. Suprisingly, I never knew Meryl Streep could sing a tune - but she was almost as good as Amanda. The dialogue and mad antics delivered by the entire cast made ABBA's songs so infectious that it just made you wanna get up and dance.

I was literally dancing in my seat!

At first I was humming to the songs but there was this girl beside me that started singing along. Next thing I know, I could hear the audience singing along. How cool is that? (I think if I were to get up and dance, I have no doubt half the crowd would have joined me).

I do have to admit one thing though -

Pierce Brosnan can't sing.


His voice is sooo not suited for Broadway musicals. He may have the looks but definitely not the voice. I seriously think the director should have casted Hugh Jackman in Pierce Brosnan's role. He's got the voice, the acting talent and he's done Broadway before. Plus, he is sooooo HOT!

I know. I sound like a total freak here but I can't help it. ABBA's songs are still in my head and it makes you wonder "Wow...the 70's must have been awesome" :)

Another great fact about the movie is that, it was all taken on an island in Greece. Crystal-clear waters, blue skies, stone-white buildings - my idea of a paradise (Someday when I'm financially free, I actually want to settle down in a place like that).

My verdict:

Songs: Brilliant
Acting: Great
Choreography: Excellent

Trust me. Go watch the movie. You may not like when the actor suddenly bursts into a song but this movie might change your mind. Mamma Mia! is one movie you can watch over and over again.

Image source: Rotten Tomatoes

Mushroom Jack Fajitas from Chilis

A few of us decided to head to Chili's on the Eve of Hari Raya for a bit of gastronomical food. :)
This is is bottomless Tortillas (not sure how much) - as you can see below, Angie is nipping at the Tortillas like there's no tomorrow.

And yes, you guessed right - it's refillable!

As the subject states, the Mushroom Jack Fajitas (RM36.90 I think) is delicious! The mushrooms were saut├ęd just right and the chicken pieces tasted good. For the portions given, I think the price is worth it. But it's way too much for 1 person. Even for 2 people, it's a lot (at least for 2 girls, it is).
Comes with the bread and some *other stuff* (I seriously can't remember!)

Some of us had the Tomato Basil Pasta (less than RM25). All vegetarian, by the way.

One of colleagues also ordered this (below) - I'm not too sure what was it but I heard it was good, especially the mashed potatoes.

My Favourite Places to Eat:

1. Chilis
2. Chilis
3. Chilis
4. Chilis
5. TGI Friday

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