Captain America: The First Avenger (Review)

After all the hype, Captain America: The First Avenger is finally out and brings us one step closer to The Avengers next year. Pumped with an old-fashioned vibe, good actors, action-packed sequences and boasting U.S patriotism, this movie is pretty entertaining to watch. Seeing that this came from the makers of Iron Man and Thor, it seemed natural that the movie should be a hit (which is true, seeing how it's still leading at the box office.)

Perhaps a brief overview of the plot would be good? Well, the story revolves around the pale, short yet determined and compassionate Steve Rogers (played by the dashing Chris Evans), who's been trying to get enlisted in the U.S. army to fight the Nazis or more accurately, the Hydra - a top-secret division of the Nazis, led by Johann Schmidt/Red Skull (played by Hugo Weaving).

As luck would have had it, he got in and was selected to try the Super Soldier serum which would exaggerate his physical strength and agility. The procedure was a success which you can tell by how deliciously fit he looked after that. 

Now, I've never read the comics or seen the cartoons, so as far as storyline goes, I'm not sure if the movie got it right. The movie did border on corny at some scenes but was still tolerable. Lots of elements add to the story of how Steve Rogers becomes the famed Captain America and you'd see familiar faces/references to other characters along the way. One important character was Howard Stark - of Stark Industries who's the army's prime weapon-supplier and obviously, father to Tony Stark (Iron Man).

Movie making has come a long way with CGI but in the case of this movie, some scenes where Steve Rogers was supposed to look short and sickly-thin, seemed a bit off where his head looked bigger than the rest of him. I know its ground-breaking technology and all, but don't you think there's something off about him here?

* Spoiler Alert!

The movie's worth watching and from what I've heard, it's way better than the recent Transformers movie. One thing that's left debatable is the ending of the movie, where Captain America wakes up after being frozen in ice for 70 years and he looks just the same - the serum slows the aging process?

Plus, the timeline of the movie kind of conflicts with Thor as the infamous Cosmic Cube which was held in Odin's vault, suddenly ends up on Earth (as shown in the post-credit scene in Thor) and used throughout Captain America? Feels like there's a missing puzzle piece there.

Also, as all Marvel movies are famous for its post-credit scenes, (most of which were hints to the upcoming Avengers movie), Captain America is no exception. Except you don't have to wait till the credits roll. Right after the last scene of the movie, there would be a sneak peak (about 49 seconds I think) of The Avengers. So, just remember to stay awake right after the last scene :D

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Nick Phillips said...

I'm waiting to go catch this when I'm free cos I'm HUGE Marvel comics fan and I would really love to see how close they followed the comic storyline.

Life Ramblings said...

i've watched the movie last weekend with my son. it was a great movie but the ending really seems to come out of nowhere, especially that last line. it just seems so wrong and very disappointing. :(

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Knowing movies, they tend to deviate from the original storyline but it's still nice to see Stan Lee in every one of them :)

sriyany said...

Life Ramblings: I think the ending was a bit abrupt because it's supposed to be a build up towards The Avengers next year. But I agree with you on some level.

For instance, the scene where he's frozen in ice was missing.

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