Bali: Uluwatu Temple

On the day we arrived, we had time to check out the Uluwatu Temple before checking in. A note when visiting temples, if you are wearing shorts or anything above the knee, you might have to wear a sarong before entering. Most temples provide sarongs but unless you wanna wear some sarong covered in another person's sweat, you might want to bring a wrap for yourself.

We had to walk quite a distance to get to the temple itself but when we got there, the breathtaking view caught us off guard. We were standing at the edge of a cliff and could hear the waves crashing on the rocks below us!

Sadly, we could not see the sunset as it was on the other side of the island. The view, although picturesque, reminded me of the movie Shutter Island. If you were to fall off this cliff, I doubt there would be any chances of survival. This place should be renamed as 'Suicide Peak' :P

By the way, the temple is covered with your neighborhood-friendly species - monkeys. So avoid dangling anything in your hand, especially food items, sunglasses, camera. There was a scene where a monkey snatched this guy's shades from his head, climbed up a tree (very high, if I might add) and dropped the shades to the ground!

Unfortunately for the guy, no amount of glaring and swearing at the monkey is gonna get his glasses back.

By the way, Uluwatu Temple is also where they have the Kechak Dance but we were too worn out from all the walking and we couldn't wait to check in and get settled so we had to give that a miss. But from what I've heard and read, the dance is quite impressive.

Right outside the temple entrance

Stay tuned for the review of the hotel we stayed in - The Sunset Boutique Hotel!

Bali: Scrumptious Flying Fish

On our first day in Bali, Dean (our driver/guide) took us for a scrumptious lunch at this Balinsese restaurant. We insisted that we only wanted to try local food, so no Western, Chinese, Indian, etc. The one dish Dean said was quite popular among the locals was the 'Ikan Terbang' (not sure how this works in theory as there were no pics in the menu). 

When the fish arrived at our table, it looked...somewhat rearranged...BUT still delicious nonetheless. Check out the pic of Dean proudly holding the 'Ikan Terbang' below. 

Some of the other dishes we tried:

Sticky Rice

 Ayam Penyet

Ais Kacang with Avocado

End of the day, the bill came to about 30,000 rupiah per person (about MYR10 each) which is really cheap considering the dishes we ordered. Where else can you get all these for 10 bucks in Malaysia?

Bali: Dumb Blonde Moment

Something's bound to happen when 4 girls go for a trip alone. In this case, we were supposed to board the plane for Denpasar, Bali from 10.20am onwards. Since we got to LCCT 3 hours earlier, we thought we had plenty of time to spare. By the time we reached the boarding gate, there were no other passengers there and the gate was closed but the officer was still at the counter.

So like most people, we thought " Oohk, the flight hasn't boarded yet" and we continued to snap pics of ourselves. Next thing we knew, our names were being called on the PA (last call by the officer behind the counter!) and we scrambled for our passports and boarding passes. The plane was just next to the gate but as we got nearer, we noticed the plane had a Thailand flag on the front - with the word 'THAILAND'.

Still unfazed, we thought the plane was used for Thailand flights as well and went on to board the aircraft. But things started feeling strange when the flight attendants kept saying "Sawadika". One of my friends checked with them and turns out, the flight was to Bangkok!

OMG. Of all the most embarassing situations we've ever gotten ourselves into, this must be the worst. We rushed past everyone who was already seated, down the steps and asked a nearby technician for directions, who pointed at one END and we could see another plane parked there. Glad to say that we boarded the right plane in the end!

Funky Shoebox from elo @ Subang Parade

I was on a mission last weekend, to find the perfect Gladiator flats. Unfortunately, having size 10 feet doesn't always work to my advantage. After scouring a whole bunch of shops (including Vincci, La Primavera and Pedal Works), I had just about given up hope. Until I passed by this tiny shop in Subang Parade and I swear, if you don't look closely enough you might just walk by the shop. 

The shop's called elo and they're got a variety of shoes, handbags and accessories. I was not too hopeful but I still asked the shop assistant "What's your biggest shoe size?" and she replied - brace yourself - "Size 12".

It was like God became tired of my ranting for shoe size and answered my prayers. LOL!

Anyway, I purchased this champagne-gold sort-of Gladiator flats. The straps didn't really go all the way up like most Gladiator shoes but I figured it was the closest I would be able to find (for my size). So, after paying RM69.90 for one pair, I watched the shop assistant place the shoes in this really funky-looking shoebox.

And when I say funky, I really mean funky. The shoebox serves as a bag and it has a little window on the top to see your shoes inside. How cool is that?

To remove your shoes, you just have to pull out this drawer-like inner box and voila!

The next time I need shoes, I'm going to head to elo. Granted, they don't always have a large variety but their shoeboxes are just too cute to resist! :)

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