Happy New Year!

I just know this year is gonna be an awesome one and I only have one resolution (seeing that the more I have, the less I stick to them), which is to save more money for my trip to UK next year and Rome the year after that. I know it's a long time to come but I've been putting off saving for my travel fund for the longest time. Well, not anymore. Here's to a *raises champagne glass* brand new, mature and wiser 2011!

Happy New Year!

Falling Apples, Pesky Bees and Chicken Wings with Umbrellas

I'm soo addicted to these cute, flash games on Orisinal. If you remember, I once blogged about Winterbells, this catchy game where you have to get the white rabbit to hop on as many bells as you can (not quite Alice in Wonderland, I can assure you). Well, Orisinal has a whole lot more of other flash games.

Some of the games I've been playing include;

The flash animation itself will impress you and while there are no difficulty levels, there are some games that can be quite tricky to figure out. Click here for the full list!

Who Wants A Bloody Mary?

Check out what's coming (or rather, swaggering) into cinemas here on May 20th, 2011

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Have an awesome Christmas everyone!

Rapunzel - A Tangled Tale

Imagine a courageous girl with miles of golden hair, who's been locked up in a tower all her life and her biggest weapon...is a frying pan. Throw in a thief that's on the run plus, a dedicated horse that was probably a hound in his previous life and what do you get?

Tangled as its called here, is a fairy tale based on Brothers Grimm's Rapunzel and being a Disney remake, this movie is thoroughly entertaining. I especially love the chemistry between the feisty Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) and smoldering-hot Flynn Rider (voiced by Zachary Levi). A brief synopsis of the movie:

An elderly woman named Grothel (even her name sounds utterly villainous), finds a flower that can has magical healing abilities when sung to it. So all these years (or centuries), Grothel has been using the flower to keep herself young. Now, in a nearby kingdon, a queen is near death while giving birth to her first child and palace guards go out scouting and searching for this rumoured healing flower. To Grothel's dismay, they find the flower and bring it back for the queen. As expected, the queen delivers her daughter safely but Grothel is not to be discouraged. She sneaks into the palace and tries to cut off the baby's hair but the magic disappears and the hair turns brown.

Naturally, the only thing left to do is to kidnap the poor child. Fast forward 18 years later, the child renamed Rapunzel is cleaning and singing in the tower with only one window, and has no memory of her biological parents. Grothel who's raised her all these years, appears below and calls out,

"Rapunzel, let down your hair"

and from the window, down comes this long, lustrous, golden mane used by Grothel to enter the tower. Not too far away, a far-too-good-for-himself thief, Flynn Rider, is on the run from the palace guards after stealing the missing princess's tiara. He stumbles upon the tower and sneaks in to hide from the guards (and the horse). The rest, I would leave it to you to find out :D.

The movie is packed with humor especially with the quirky chameleon, Pascal and the ever-loyal palace guard stallion, Maximus. Compared to Disney's previous animated release The Princess and the Frog, Tangled fares so much better in terms of storyline, animation, music and voice cast.

My favourite part is when, Rapunzel finally makes it out of the tower and is gleefully swinging from tree to tree for one moment and the next moment berating herself for disobeying her mother's orders to never leave the tower. It actually reminds me of my sneaking out days when I was a teenager. (No, I was never locked in a tower but I had an early curfew. 'Nuff said)

So, if you're still pondering about watching this, I say go ahead. Apparently, Tangled is the most expensve animated film made, with a budget of $260 million so you can be sure it won't disappoint.

It's Christmas Time!

The long overdue christmas tree is finally up and we decided on a silver/red theme which I think is simply awesome. The red ornaments we have are so quirky that it makes the tree look so quaint. Now that the tree is up, all we need is a gingerbread house, mistletoe *wink!*, HUGE x'mas stocking (which would hopefully be full by Dec 25th), stuffed roast turkey and a x'mas carols of course!

A gift supposedly representing caramel honey and me. LOL!

Bridesmaids, Hard Rock and Jimi Hendrix

If you must now, December has been a very busy month for me. In fact, my social life is at its peak, thanks to a whole load of shopping trips (with my plastic, of course!) for countless weddings, dinners and birthdays. This week, caramel honey and I were at our wits end just trying to figure out what to wear for last night's 70s themed wedding dinner!

So, I thought it would be a fun idea to display some pics before people start going "Merry X'Mas and a Happy New Year" and speaking of which, I'm putting up the tree today! Or rather, I'm helping caramel honey put up the tree *giggles*. Have a fun weekend, people!

Caramel honey decided that he too, should give his blessings!

Bridesmaids in a row

Caramel honey's b'day @ Hard Rock KL

Groovy baby!

Jimi 'Glam-Rock' Hendrix & 'Sunflower' hippie

Jimi rocking on stage (minus Woodstock!)

"How is it? Can fit ah?"

This new boutique opened up in Taipan, Subang recently and only last night I checked it out because there were SALE signs posted all over the shop. Plus, there were crowds of girls in there so it's either, discounts must be really good or the clothes must be really awesome (it's never both). As I was browsing through the aisles of clothes, there was this petite salesgirl constantly standing about 2 feet from me (literally breathing down my back!) and she kept going,

"What kind of clothes you looking for?"

"Second item 50% off and above 100, you can get 10 dollars voucher"

"How about this one (as she holds up a random dress at me)?"

"We got some new arrivals for skirts. Come, I show you"

OMG. I can't describe how annoying that was. I know she's just doing her job but how does she expect customers to consider purchasing anything when she's hounding them like that? I kept nodding my head politely and telling her that I'll look around first but she kept clinging to me like as if I'm the last hope for the shop to survive!

Finally, I selected about 4 to 5 outfits to try on (and was happy to do so, considering I'll be getting rid of her) and then to my dismay, realized there were more shopgirls guarding the fitting rooms. I just barged through, found an empty fitting room and managed to draw the curtains before any of the shopgirls could ask me anything. As I was trying on the first outfit, I suddenly heard a voice just outside the curtain asking,

"How is it? Can fit ah?"

about every 30 seconds. Seriously. At this point, I was already getting pissed off. I kept telling her that I'm still trying and pointedly ignored her after she kept asking the same thing over and over again. In the end, only the last outfit looked remotely nice on me but it was too loose (free size) so I drew back the curtain to step back and look at it from a distance and there she was, prompty waiting at the side like a watchdog.

She told me that they do free alterations on the spot but I know that dress was going to need some massive adjustments, so I told her I'll think about it and maybe look around some more (just to be polite). However, she refused to let me go. She kept pressuring me to get the dress, saying how nice it looks on me and that altering would just take 5 minutes (really??) but I had already made up my mind. When she realized I was not backing down, she just gave me this dirty look and stalked off with the clothes!

One thing's for sure, I'm NEVER coming back to that store anymore - not even if there are truckload of SALE signs posted on every space!

FYI: This boutique in question is on the same row as Maybank and Strawberry Fields Restaurant, but further down.

Teary-Eyed Friday...

This week has been a flurry of activity with preparations for my uncle's wedding, the wedding itself and the reception the next day, but it was one of the best family moments ever. My uncle (who's pretty much been an older brother to me and my sister) throughout our lives, has always been there for us and it's so exciting to see him finally settling down with someone he loves. God, how sappy I sound! It's like they say, weddings and funerals are the only functions that bring family closer. LOL!

One of our rare family moments

My uncle flanked by his favourite nieces!

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