Moment of Terror

While I rarely have insomnia at home (I leave a lamp light on while I sleep), I seem to have it almost EVERY NIGHT at caramel honey's place. 

He has no pre-bed rituals - just make sure the air-cond is turned on, switch off the lights and get under the covers. As for me, I usually read in bed for some 15 minutes before dozing off. I can't do this at his place coz the only bedside lamp he has is at his side (he refuses to switch sides claiming he's not comfortable on my side) so the one thing that puts me to sleep is literally gone. 

Second, is that I am uncomfortable with the dark which is the reason for the lamp lit at my place BUT in all fairness, the light is dimmed so low that it's merely a faint glow illuminating my room. As long as I have just enough light to read, I'm fine. 

Caramel honey's room is pitch black when it's dark and to make matters worse, his bed faces the full-length mirror on the wall and his reflective-door closet. I absolutely CANNOT sleep looking at reflective objects coz horror movies scenes would suddenly fill my head - to the point where the slightest sound makes me jump.

Last night was no different. I was tossing and turning a good deal before finally settling into a somewhat comfortable position, with my back facing caramel honey. After some time, I felt a cramp in my leg so I turned and when I did, I saw caramel honey's head in the dark, slightly lifted from his pillow, wide unblinking eyes, staring at me.

For a few seconds, I just froze staring at him. Then I screamed.

LOL. I do admit that I might have overreacted but seriously if you turned and saw your boyfriend staring at you like that, wouldn't you freak?

The minute I screamed, he tried to calm me down but the only thoughts running through my head at the time involved demonic possession *I must STOP watching those ridiculous horror movies*. After a while, I calmed down when I was sure he was caramel honey and not some demon/ghoul trying to kill me.

I'm gonna have to think of a more creative way to sleep tonight :(

Age Knows No Boundaries

Countdown to Amsterdam!

Amsterdam winter sunset

Yippee! I found out last week that I'll be heading to the Netherlands in early December for a 3-day meeting/workshop and I haven't stopped jumping since :D

Flights and hotel stay for those days are covered by the company but I'll be heading there earlier as I want to explore the 'Dam! Of course, those extra days have to be covered by me. Plus, my sister would be joining from UK during those extra days. Much better to have company than to check out a foreign country alone.

I spent the weekend pouring over a map of Amsterdam and picking out attractions that looked interesting, even checking where to find windmills - a trip to Holland is not complete without tulips and windmills, right? :P

Sadly, since we're travelling in winter, the chance to see the Flower Market or that garden with a gazilion tulips, would not happen. In fact, I heard it would be snowing and temperature would be freezing in Amsterdam. God, I need to hunt for winter wear.

So yea, in less than 2 months, I would be checking out the Red Light District, infamous 'coffee shops', Anne Frank house, going on a canal cruise, cheese, windmills and anything else I can fit into those 2 extra days :)

The Man Who Pioneered Apple

"Your time is limited, 
don’t waste it living someone else’s life"

Isn't it funny that when someone passes on, only then we start to feel inspired by their quotes, life experiences, moments they made significant strides in time and what not? I'm not condemning  - merely curious by the fact.

For instance, when Michael Jackson passed away, the whole world went into mourning and that was surely expected given the impact he made with his music but how many people stood by him or sympathized with him when he was going through the child molestation allegations?

My point is that people shouldn't wait until the person dies, to become an enigma, a legend or a figure of inspiration. Otherwise, we're just hypocrites.

I'll admit I was never a fan of Mac simply because I found the interface unappealing (I'm sure the whole lot of you disagree!) but I do think Apple has made breakthroughs in the mobile/tablet industry - and giving Microsoft a run for their money!

Steve Jobs was a pioneer in a lot of ways and he still had a lot going for him, so for what it's worth, I do hope he rests in peace. 

The One Where the Elevator Drops Down

Okay, I've just had the most horrifying experience in an elevator. 

As usual, I took the elevator from the basement area to the penthouse suite where my office is and that's a good 25-26 floors up. Couple of people got in and they got off at the 21st floor and the elevator started up again but almost immediately, changed its mind and started to go down, really fast. 

I could hear the fire alarm and a message came up on the LED display inside stating,

"Emergency! Please evacuate!"

and for one incredulous moment, I was like,

"How the hell am I supposed to evacuate when I'm plummeting to my death??!"

Oh God, I kept looking at the numbers getting lesser and lesser as the elevator kept going down and the whole time I was praying (yes, I prayed!) that it would stop at the Ground floor or something and not crash to the bottom of wherever.

Thank GOD, it didn't. As soon as the elevator approached Ground, it started to slow down as if that was where it had been wanting to go all the while. I got out with my heart still pounding and was going to speak to the guard at reception when I realize the fire alarm had stopped and everyone else seemed to be getting into the elevators as normal.

So rather reluctantly, I got into another elevator and good thing coz there were a whole bunch of people heading to the penthouse as well. We got up safely like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. 

Not that I'm not glad to be safe but, to be honest, I was rather hoping for someone else to share my drama scary moment. No one had experience anything weird with the elevator though I might just decide to take the stairs later - 26 floors down - in heels!

Curiouser and curiouser...

Last weekend, one of caramel honey's clients called him out for steamboat dinner. I have to point out that caramel honey is not remotely close to this client so imagine our surprise when he was called for a steamboat dinner (and dragged me along). Apparently, the dinner included a guest from the client's company whom caramel honey had never met. As it turned out, the guest was a Director in the company (the client is the CEO).

Now this is where it gets weird. The dinner was just the CEO, the Director (who's a former Star journalist), his girlfriend, caramel honey and me. You would think that a dinner organized by someone would include some other business contacts/family members/acquaintances but surprisingly, this was not the case. 

Initially, the atmosphere was a little bit awkward for caramel honey and me but after slurping bowls full of tom yam soup and munching on prawns, tofu and fishballs, we got comfortable. Truthfully, the dinner was pleasant and it was nice to meet these people who are obviously much, much older than us and have seen/done plenty in life. 

This is where it gets weirder. The whole night, conversation revolved around all of us except the CEO. He just kept quiet throughout his meal. In fact, I barely remember him speaking and the strange part was, I could see him staring at caramel honey from the corner of my eye. When he did speak, it was mostly to caramel honey and sounded very observation-minded.

Anyhow, as the dinner came to an end, it seemed like there were no plans to adjourn elsewhere so the CEO abruptly got up and thank us all for coming. That was it.

As caramel honey and I walked back to the car, we pondered on the reasons behind the dinner and these are some of the theories we came up with:

1. The CEO wants to hire caramel honey
2. The CEO does not have a heir to inherit his fortune/company and wants to put caramel honey as his successor
3. The CEO wants to set caramel honey up with daughter/girl of his choice

Yes, we may be over-analyzing things but you do have to admit that for a person whom we barely know, to invite us out to a fairly casual dinner, is pretty strange.

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