Grilled Beef Salad @ Breeks Cafe (One Utama)

A short snippet on my lunch today: The Grilled Beef Salad (RM12.90) which was super delicious. If you're looking for something light to fill up your day, try this. :)

This and more at Breeks Cafe (One U).

LEGO Collectibles @ One Utama

I was at the New Wing in One Utama yesterday and guess what? In addition to a variety of sci-fi toys for sale, there was also a display of LEGO collectibles (which is like a gold mine to geeks) that looked so tempting I just had to snap a few pics.

The Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)

And my favourite - R2-D2 (Star Wars)!

Death Star (Star Wars)

Other misc. sets

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