Scrumptious Seafood @ Pantai Seafood Restaurant, Kg Sg Kayu Ara

If you're looking for good but reasonably-priced seafood, you should try Pantai Seafood Restaurant. I'm sure if you were to google it, you would come across quite a few reviews. Here's a lil' something to tantalize your tastebuds.

Otak-Otak Tofu

Kam Heong (Dried Chili) Crabs

Damn, now I feel the urge to have crabs for lunch!

My Career in Fast Food

Have you played Shockwave games before? Well, if you're dying of boredom or Solitaire is your idea of a fun-filled activity, you might want to try this game: Burger Shop 2. It is sooo addictive!

All you have to do is serve customers as per their order. Food ingredients, cups and bowls will be displayed on the conveyor belt. You just have to click and drag each item to create a meal. In the game, you would have to drag the cups to the drink machines, drag the bowls to the cereal and soup machines, send the steak and chicken into the ovens, fill up on french fries and curly fries and toast the pancakes. You would have to do all this while serving customers which can be quite a challenge coz some of them would get impatient.

Going through the tutorials first would make life a lot easier. Once you get the hang of it, it's really fun! You can play online as much as you want for free, or you can download the free trial version or you can purchase the game for a fee (which I'm sure no one wants to do!).

Arrr, Damn The Cashew Nuts!

I was severely reminded not to blog about this but I couldn't help myself. I know. I'm mean :(

On Sunday, my friend Joe and I decided to cook dinner which included this revised dish of french beans, cashew nuts and dried chillies. Now, I did most of the chopping and slicing. All Joe had to do was open the bag of cashew nuts. The cashew nuts were packed in a ziploc bag (similar to below) and our friend decided to try the easy way out by biting the side of the bag. And yes, he doesn't own a kitchen scissors.

But as it happens, he used too much force on the bag and the next thing I heard was something hitting the floor with this soft clink.

He found whatever it was that fell and rushed to the bathroom. When he finally came out, he had his hand on his mouth and a weird look on his face. For a minute, I thought he had cut his lip or something but then he opened his mouth and I realized that his front tooth had chipped off!

To be exact, his crown chipped off. About 10 years ago, his chipped his front tooth and had to get it fixed so the chipped part that came off was the crown itself. But the image of him giving a toothless smile was too hilarious and I ended up laughing for the longest time. It was even funnier when I got him to do pirate imitations. LOL!

In fact, he reminded me of those Indian fortune tellers who sit on the pavement with a parakeet or parrot in a cage. I'm not too sure if they're still around but if they are, you can probably see them in Klang or Brickfields. Normally, these old Indian men will be chewing on betel leaves (probably been doing so for years before) while waiting for a customer. So most of their front teeth are either half gone or completely gone. And Joe's toothless grin bore a striking resemblance to those Indian men!

Needless to say, he got it fixed yesterday. So no more toothless pirate (Arr, matey!) or old Indian men chewing on betel leaves!

Germany Still One of the Best Teams Around

For what it's worth, I think Germany gave their best at the 2010 World Cup, especially against Australia and Argentina. Despite losing at the semi-finals, the Germans are still one of the best teams around.

Bali: Sunset Boutique Hotel, Kuta

If you're looking for budget accommodation in Bali, you should most definitely check out Sunset Boutique Hotel. The hotel is located in Kuta town itself, which is quite convenient coz you're about 2 mins drive from the shopping district, clubs and bars as well as, the beach.

We got quite a good rate for our room too, which was a 2-bedroom suite. The entire suite for 3 nights (with complimentary breakfast for 3), came to USD285 (about RM920) and among the 4 of us, it was only RM230 per person. Pretty worth it, right? Mind you, we booked this 1 week before we arrived, through Check out some pics of the suite below.

The pillows are amazingly soft!

The view from our balcony

The hotel service is EXCELLENT. Staff were very friendly and helpful - on arrival we were greeted with cool towels and iced tea. Check-in was a breeze and within minutes we were already up in our room. Another plus point is their room service. Their food is reasonably priced (for the portions served) and tastes just as good. So if you're thinking of spending the night in, try the food from their room service menu.

Another thing that we couldn't get enough of was the hotel pool. Pool hours are till 10pm but the management let us use the pool even till late, as long as we didn't make too much noise :) We spent most of the time in the whirlpool which was like heaven coz the water was so warm!

On the downside, their spa is not much to talk about. The treatments are quite pricey and the baths are done in your room itself, so you don't really get the spa experience. However, Kuta town is crawling with spas at every corner and women along the street will be showing you their spa rates, so I'm sure you would be spoilt for choice.

Overall, the Sunset Boutique Hotel is amazing for a budget hotel. The hotel is clean, well-maintained, staff are friendly and attentive, and it's in Kuta itself. If I go back to Bali, I would most probably stay there again :)

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