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Superbowl ads this year have really gone up a level with even more creative concepts compared to last year's. Can you imagine, to advertise on a 30-second slot costs $1 million? All I can say is, brands must really put in their best work out there. This ad in particular, is my favourite so far :D

Hang on! Check out the cut-scenes and bloopers (even more adorable!) from the video below.

- Das Auto -

Scrumptious Dim Sum @ Damansara Jaya

For a person that's never tried Dim Sum before (I know, I'm a terrible Malaysian), it's kind of hard to compare my lunch at Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn. Bhd. to any other place serving Dim Sum.

But the one thing I can tell you is that it was awesome and reasonably priced! The bill came to about RM15 each (there were 8 of us) and we had ordered over 10 dishes. I can't remember what each dish was called so I'm just gonna leave you with the pics :D

This one was my favourite - the Thai sauce really spiced it up!

Hong Kong styled Chee Cheong Fun

For more information on where this place is, the below would help you out:

Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd
No 59, 61 & 63, Jalan SS22/19,
Damansara Jaya,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-77296866

Badminton After 10 Years

Just last weekend, caramel honey and I decided to play badminton since his apartment building has courts available. For added fun, we invited my sister, her boyfriend and another couple to join us. We all had one thing in common - none of us have played badminton in over 10 years.

Naturally, everyone dug up some ancient raquets that were probably lying around for the last 15 years. The raquets were so old that one of them broke (the handle came flying out from the grip) while playing! Good thing caramel honey bought some new raquets for us :D

But OMG. I didn't realize how physically unfit I was till we started playing. Surprisingly, the guys caught up to the game quite fast and were literally trying to 'smash' each other. However, us girls were just trying to keep the shuttlecock in the air! LOL

Of course there were funny moments especially when caramel honey tried to do his signature backhand (that he picked up from watching a bunch of badminton teen pros playing one day) or when we played doubles and didn't coordinate well (yes, we kept missing the shuttlecock, thinking the other person was gonna hit it back!)

Obviously, practice makes perfect in this case but I doubt we're gonna be playing badminton this weekend. The whole lot of us are still complaining of aching back, arms and legs!

Yahoo! Valentine Doodle - Love Overdose

If you checked out Yahoo! homepage on February 14th 2011, you would have noticed the simple yet adorable animation playing on the top left corner. I found it so cute and funny that I simply had to blog about it!

If you can't view the animation above, check out the video below!

Image & Video: Techie Buzz

Gaga Gawks @ Grammys 2011

Trust Lady Gaga to constantly keep everyone on their toes at every red-carpet event. This time there were mixed reactions to her entrance at the 2011 Grammy Awards. If you don't know it already, she arrived in an EGG, carried by scantily-clad men! Yes, you heard me. She showed up, comfortably encased in a transparent alien pod of some sort.

Apparently, it was supposed to a womb-like egg because she was due to perform her new single 'Born This Way' and she wasn't about to hatch until her performance. Plus, if you looked closely, all the scantily-clad men and the woman walking with them, had prosthetic horns coming out from the sides of their faces!

Very Star-Trek-ish

But of course, you can't wait to see how it was when she finally hatched. Well, I saw the video and let me tell you, it wasn't that impressive (at least not by Gaga's standards). The song 'Born This Way' sounded very 90s-pop and it was so unlike any of her previous songs that made her what she is today.

At the same time, her performance was nothing much to talk about. Sure, she had some great moves (anyone with a choreographer would!) but there were no crazy, weird antics like dangling from a rope with blood smeared all over her or lighting up a piano on fire. To make matters even more weirder, she thanked Whitney Houston during her acceptance speech quoting "When I wrote this song, I imagined Whitney singing it". *baffled silence*

Bottomline is, the much talked about Gaga might just go Gaga-Who in a matter of time if she doesn't stick to what she does best. Sure she's only human but we like to think that she's an alien species that landed on earth with no memory of her life before the age of 20.

Edamame & Chicken Teriyaki @ Ajisen Ramen

Once again, blogging about an eatery in Sunway Giza, Ajisen Ramen is located just few doors away from Mr. Tom Yam. The set menus displayed prominently outside the shop looked tempting so caramel honey and I decided to give it a try.

I've never heard of Edamame, let alone tasted it but that was before caramel honey went raving about it the minute he saw it on the menu. For the unfamiliar (including me!), Edamame refers to young soybeans which are boiled in water (with condiments) and served whole.

Edamame  - RM4.80
However, after tasting it, caramel honey felt that it was not as fresh and that it could have been better. As for me, I tasted a delightful twinge of wasabi when I popped those beans into my mouth but perhaps caramel honey was right. The beans looked like they've seen the last of their days.

Meanwhile, the Chicken Teriyaki smelt too so good that I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into it. Unfortunately, the chicken pieces were a tad bit tough and not at all appetizing. Luckily, the bean sprouts and tofu with its teriyaki sauce were good, as was the miso soup.

Chicken Teriyaki - RM10.80

The service was good but I'm not sure I would come back here for the Chicken Teriyaki or the Edamame. I might just go for the Ramen dishes as I saw quite a few patrons having those :)

It's A Whole New Lunar Year!

When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for Chinese New Year to come by so I'd get to see lion dances all around the neighbourhood (although now it's becoming scarce).

I remember telling my dad my ambition *one of my ever-changing ambitions* was to be a lion dancer (or the person underneath the lion costume) and wanted to do all those cool jumping moves. He just gave me THE LOOK which I'm sure any self-respecting parent would do!

I can assure you I am currently not working as a lion dancer but what I can do is to wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year!

Delectable Thai Steamed Siakap @ Mr Tom Yam

If you're ever in the mood for Thai food and just happened to be in the vicinity of Kota Damansara, try Mr. Tom Yam in Sunway Giza. It's located just opposite Village Grocer so it's kinda hard to miss. Caramel honey and I had the urge for Thai food and for some reason, he wanted steamed fish! (mind you, he normally doesn't eat non-homemade-cooked fish)


So anyway, the ambience of the restaurant is quite nice, with it's simplistic white decor and hot-red menu displayed on each place setting. The latter was convienient as we didn't have to go through endless pages of Thai dishes just to decide on the meal we wanted.

We ordered white rice and started off with Spicy Tom Yam Prawn (RM9) and boy, was it spicy! But it was sooo good. The soup was thick and filled with mushrooms, tofu, assorted vegetable and of course, prawns. Perfect for a cold day!

Next on our list was Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts & Dried Chillies (RM15). There's nothing much I can say about this one. It was both spicy and good but not over-the-moon great. Plus the portions could have been more for the price.

Finally, the much talked about fish! We decided on Steamed Siakap with Thai Soya Sauce (RM36). I can't find anything wrong with it (or maybe I need to brush up on my foodie vocab!). The fish was thoroughly steamed and there was no fishy taste or odour lingering about. Caramel honey thought it could be spicier but I disagree. The Thai soya sauce gave the dish a very authentic flavour and it worked without the spiciness.

Overall, I would say the food is not too bad. The prices are reasonable but the portions could be a tad bit more. After tasting all of the above, I'm eager to go back there to try their other dishes but that would have to wait until I have the craving for Thai food again!

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