Madagascar 2: Escape to God Forsaken Africa!

I finally had the chance to catch Madagascar 2 on cinema last weekend. Sadly, the movie was not what I expected. The humor seemed forced somehow and sounded more annoying than funny. And yes, the 'original' storyline just seemed all too familiar - they might as well name the lion Simba!

The only character(s) that tickled my sense of humor were the penguins. I'm glad that some things remained from the first movie.

The suprising part of all was that, the audience started clapping at some parts of the movie. And I'm like "What was so impressive about that???". If it was Lord of the Rings playing up there, I would have stood up and clapped but for a pansy of a lion dancing??? I was a big fan of the Madagascar 1 but this one just did not live up to my expectations.

(As I'm writing this the song's in my head: I like to move it, move it...)

25th B'Day @ Quatrro

Yep..I turned a year older last Sunday :) To celebrate in advance, my colleagues and me went to Quattro, Avenue K last Friday night. Check our the pics below.

I liked the whole Season Concept [Summer, Spring, Winter, Autumn] that the place had going. The club itself is themed Autumn, Winter - the bar, Spring - the lounge, you get the drift.

Although I did think the place was kinda small - and could not hold that big a crowd. And the dancefloor is where your table is. At one point, the place got so stuffy that it felt like there was not enough air to breathe in!

Anyway, we did have fun (the drunken way!) :)

Malaysian Assholed Culture

I took a trip to Sungai Wang today to get myself some decent pair of jeans and decided to skip the drive and take the monorail instead. So there I was in a train packed with Body Gloves, Pieced-Tattooed Punks and Petaling Street rip-offs (no kidding).

When we arrived at one of the stops this old, elderly couple came in - the woman was blind and the guy was carrying a cane while walking. Now, I was sitting down but I was pretty far away from the door of the train. The woman sitting closest to them could have easily gotten up and given her seat to them. But she decides to be completely oblivious to her surroundings. I got up immediately and gave up my seat (while giving that woman the dirtiest look possible).

I mean, really. Is it so hard to be kind once in a while?

Barack Obama for President!

The U.S presidential campaign rallies are still in full swing to prepare for tomorrow's highly anticipated voting.
Some have already put in their votes in advance, as shown below.

Image source: College Humor

02.11.08 - Terry Fox Run, Lake Gardens

For those who are not familiar with the Terry Fox Run, it's a marathon conducted to raise money for cancer research in different countries (in this case, Malaysia).

The story starts with Terry Fox, who was an active teenager in sports, discovered that he had bone cancer at the age of 18. The disease forced him to have his right leg amputated. He then obtained a mechanical leg and decided to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research and awareness of the disease itself.

After 143 days of running, Terry was forced to stop because cancer had appeared in his lungs. After some time, he passed away. He was only 22.

To date, more than 400 million USD have been raised worldwide for cancer research in Terry's name through the annual Terry Fox Run, held across Canada and other parts of the world. This year marks the 19th time the event has been organised in Malaysia.

To participate in the run, I just had to buy the T-Shirt (RM25) which were on sale even during the day of the run. What suprised me most about the run was the amount of people that turned up. To be honest, I did not expect that much of a crowd. There were companies that joined as a whole including, Shell, Petronas, Accenture and Green Packet.

Yasmin Yusoff kicked off the event with her loud-early-morning voice.

The route is supposedly 5km long. And me being as unfit as I am, managed to do the whole 5km without taking a break (hehe). I'm really glad I did it though since it's for a good cause.

Plus, Ida Nerina (from the Amazing Race Asia Season 3) was also there for the run. We managed to snap a pic with her. :-)

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