Happy Friday!!

Yup the song has been playing all over the place lately but there's just something about it's tune and lyrics that makes me delve into a pool of silliness and giggles (not to mention that it IS Friday).

Who's to say you have to be sixteen to enjoy a song like this (no offense to anyone) - I'm bordering on 28 and I've never felt wiser younger :)

Happy Friday and have a good weekend people!

Dream a Little, Dream of Me

Last Friday, my mum came over for a visit. Therefore, most of the weekend was spent window shopping, eating like there's no tomorrow and watching endless dvds. However, there was one movie that we absolutely loved on Hallmark called, The Lost Valentine.

It's a charming romantic story about a woman (Betty White) finding out what happened to her husband after 66 years (post-war) of labelled "missing in the call of duty". This endeavor indirectly involves a TV journalist (Jennifer Love-Hewitt) who gets her own lesson in love.

Betty White's performance is quite moving and it's not impossible to tear-up. Plus, you've got the dashing grandson who's obviously easy on the eyes *winks*. I would love to describe more here but it's a much nicer experience to watch the movie yourself and I'm very sure the movie would be shown repeatedly on Hallmark so you'll have a good chance of catching it.

Parts of the movie made me think about how people perceive the idea of "true love" and "The One" when divorce statistics seem to be climbing higher these days. Personally, I think the idea of "true love" is a wee bit corny and borders on fantasy and fairytale stories. Sure, it's a euphoric experience to get married to the one you love but the real challenge starts only after the wedding.

Most people see marriage as weddings and honeymoons as opposed to growing old together. Anyhow, here's one of the songs that was featured in the movie. Call me sappy but I do hope when I'm old and wrinkly, I get to enjoy a dance or two, with my husband, to this song :)

PDA: How much is too much?

Earlier, I went for lunch (by myself) to Taiwan Street Snacks in One Utama. Not surprising, the place with its limited seating area, was already packed outside but I managed to get a table inside, with those seats that are cushioned against the wall. Now, this inside area is pretty confined where you can't see the outside and vice versa.

About half hour later, this couple walked in and took the corner table beside me and after they finished with their meal, I was still seated there, taking my time to finish my drink while reading a magazine. Next thing I knew, the guy had taken off his flip-flops and put up his legs on the cushioned seat. Since it's quite long, he can obviously fit his legs there but since his back is against the wall, his feet faces me and mind you, we're seated not too far apart! 

Good thing I had my handbag between his feet and me - not that I liked that option any better but it's still better than his feet directly at me. How gross is that, you put up your feet in a shop when there are other people seated next to you like as if it's your home. Yes, your feet may be squeaky-clean or free of bunions or smell good (eww!) but I still think it's rude!

Right after that, the both of them started making out, kissing, french-kissing, whatever you wanna call it to the point where I thought they were gonna rip each other's clothes off. Seriously, can't you guys get a room? I'm sure even people young as you can figure out how to do all THAT in a private space. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against PDA (Public Display of Affection) and obviously it's romantic to see a couple holding hands, exchanging a kiss or two and looking very affectionate but I think it crosses a line when they start making out (extremely) in your face without considering the environment and people around them. 

Meet Kooboo from the Land Down Under!

Yes, this adorable furry koala was a gift from caramel honey, along with other goodies that I'm too lazy to snap. LOL!

P.S. In case you're wondering, caramel honey came up with its name - not me!

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