The Memory of Michael Jackson

I was on the way to work when I heard the news on the radio that the King of Pop – Michael Jackson had passed away.

Shocked was an understatement, stunned and disbelief were more like it.

I grew up listening to his songs (which I still listen to till this very day) including his hits from Jackson 5 to the classic Thriller and right up to the rocking Black or White. When I was younger, I had the whole dance scene from Thriller memorized and used to perform it to anyone who was willing to watch (which was pretty much my family..hehe).

Regardless of the craziness that surrounded his personal life, he was undeniably one of the greatest music icons in the world. To know that he is no longer around to entertain and inspire, is simply devastating.

Rest in peace Michael – We miss you.

Whoever said movies are a waste of time?

  1. If you stole a huge, pink diamond ring, don’t linger around the scene and be smug that you won’t be caught. Something trivial like your rental car number plate might just give you away. (The Pink Panther 2)

  2. Don’t assume that no one will ever find out your car can transform into a super-advanced robot. The government knows EVERYTHING – except for maybe the Secretary of Defense. (Transformers)

  3. When a mutant with werewolf abilities is after you, don’t just leave your loved one at home and go off to work. Otherwise, you would have to go through the excruciating process of inserting steel into your bones just to take revenge. (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

  4. Nothing good ever comes out of falling in love with a vampire, especially if you’re human with an intoxicating scent. However, you do get piggyback rides up very tall trees. (Twilight)

  5. If you’re on house arrest, find something constructive to do. Don’t spy on neighbours with your binoculars. You’re bound to see someone dragging more than a trash bag at night. (Disturbia)

  6. Don’t use yourself as a test subject for anything involving gamma rays. Unless you like running from an army of shooters and tanks or you love the colour green. (The Incredible Hulk)

  7. Don’t cheat on your spouse! The woman you’re having an affair with, may very well turn into a deranged psychopath when she realizes that she wants you all to herself. (Fatal Attraction)

  8. If the lights are out and you’re not sure what’s behind the bedroom door, don’t open it! Especially after the phone company has just told you that the prank calls came from INSIDE the house. (When A Stranger Calls)

  9. If you can see dead people all around you, don’t be scared. Just confide in a psychiatrist who’s also by the way - dead. (The Sixth Sense)

  10. If you’re writing an article on “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, don’t pick a drop-dead gorgeous guy as your target. Chances are he would find you endearing and you’d fall for him anyway. (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)

  11. Don’t play suspicious-looking board games that have been lying in the store room for centuries. There may be a reason why the game was not played in a long time – probably because it involves battling space creatures and keeping the house in orbit. (Zathura)

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