Ridiculous Dog Houses

If you think celebrities' dogs are not pampered enough, think again. Lavish doghouses are now retailing at a whopping USD 30,000 (like the one below) with amenities like water and electricity as well as, heat and air conditioning - which just makes OUR homes look bad. Seriously.

Birthday Surprise (from the Police!)

Yes, it's my birthday and I had an awesome time but let's save that for the next post. I've got something more interesting to blog at this point of time.

Caramel honey and I were on our way out from Tropicana when we came to a police roadblock. Obviously, since we had our belts on and my roadtax was not due till May next year, we had nothing to worry about. Oh boy, was I wrong. For some reason, they pulled me over (I've NEVER been pulled over before!) and asked for my IC and driver's license, which I happily gave them. Next thing you know, the guy tells me that my license has expired - since May!!

I was too shocked to react at first. Having experienced something similiar before, I thought I had just renewed my license but then remembered that it was more than a year ago. Lucky for me, the officer was kind enough to let me go with a warning *phew!* Come Saturday morning, I would have to go renew my license *sets reminder on phone* - probably for the next 5 years!

Can you believe that of all days, today, was the day I had to be caught for an expired driver's license?

The Countdown Begins

It's officially 3 days before I turn another year older and normally I'll be excited, bouncing up and down, literally annoying everyone around me but this time around I'm more pensive, to the point where I'm questioning myself if I've accomplished anything in the last 1 year.

It has been a turbulent year especially in the last few months. Lots of changes but for the better. Family wise, things have improved tremendously. The first few months were pretty tough on my sister and me but moral support came from the rest of the family and somehow that got us through. If anything, we're a lot more closer now than before.

Job wise, I'm currently serving my notice and effective next year Jan 24th, I'll be starting in a new company which I believe to have greater prospects. The new job is similiar to my current position, but more challenging. Believe it or not, just to get the job was an exhausting process - lots of negotiating, discussing, couple rounds of interviews but it paid off in the end. I just wished I was starting earlier *sigh!* but patience is a virtue (and the fact that I have to serve my 3 months notice).

Finally, for the most surprising change of all. I'm officially in a relationship with a guy I've known since last year. Why I said surprising? Because I didn't expect it to happen! There were lots of issues that we had to deal with and there were times when I didn't think this was going to work but it's been 5 months and we're still doing alright *fingers crossed*.

I suppose being pensive is not uncommon in all of us as it's coming to the end of the year already so I should probably concentrate on the good things that's happening and remain positive, right? (Inner voice booms: Yes, right on!). Come sunday morning, I'll be heading off with my *caramel honey to PD for the weekend and will only be back late, on the 16th *squeals*. I'm excited already!!

*My other half prefers to remain anonymous. Hence the nickname caramel honey.

We Ran the Terry Fox Run 2010!

The Terry Fox Run 2010 was an excellent success, although I have to admit Titiwangsa Lake's scenic route was a tad bit easier than the usual Lake Garden's route. The funny thing was people were literally stopping to snap photos, have breakfast at the stalls, look at the horses than actually running. With the amount of DSLRs snapping away, you'd think we were at a red carpet event!

None the less, we had an awesome time. Now, all we have to do is to work out and train for next year's run! :P

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