Feline Creature Gets a Load of Nightlife

I only remembered this today. Last weekend I was Waikiki 2 for a few drinks and while lounging at the bar with a friend, I noticed something odd. At the end of the bar (near the DJ console), there were these 2 Chinese girls and there was a fluffy-looking tabby CAT snoozing in one of their handbags.

Snoozing!! Can you imagine the music blasting in the bar and this cat is snuggled comfortably in this girl's hangbag, wearing a pet outfit (one of those t-shirts pets can where - not sure what they're called). I thought it was the funnist thing, seeing a cat snoozing in a bar blasting with hip/hop music and people mingling about. Sadly, I didn't have my camera on me to snap a pic.

These days, I guess you can not only go to bars to meet people, but you can also meet feline creatures. Or maybe Catwoman decided to transform herself into a cat to avoid questions? :P

It's Exciting, Frustrating, Liberating, Mysterious..It's Complicated!

The amount of times I've heard people using the silly phrase 'it's complicated' *shakes head*, I was beginning to think that they're simply too embarassed to admit they're single. But after watching the movie "It's Complicated", I can now kind of relate to the phrase. Yes, I know the movie came out last year but it was only released in the cinemas here this year!

If you haven't watched it already, I highly recommend you to see this. It's a romantic comedy starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. With these three, you can imagine the amount of humor involved. Meryl Streep plays Jane who was married to Jake, played by Alec Baldwin. After 10 years, the divorced couple starts to go down the "what-if" road and get into an full-fledged affair. Steve Martin plays Adam, the architect in charge of remodeling Jane's home and potential love interest.

Personally, I think the movie is a nice change to average romantic comedies these days. It's refreshing to see an older cast be mixed up in love webs instead of the usual 20-something power couples. If you've got nothing to do on a Friday or Saturday night, It's Complicated would be a good movie to snuggle into your couch with.

Extreme - Get The Funk Out

When I hear the about the group Extreme, the one thing that comes to mind is their hit 'More Than Words'. But just last weekend, my friend Joe told me about another one of their songs, 'Get The Funk Out'.

It's only been a few days and I have not gotten bored of listening to it - probably coz the song has a very sexy vibe to it. I mean let's face it, a guitar makes anyone look good on stage *grins*.

Single or In A Relationship?

No, I'm not gonna go on a male bashing frenzy here. I think being single or commited to someone has its own pros and cons. Ultimately, we all want to end up with someone to grow old with, but when is it the right time to ditch singlehood for good?

Personally, I've always felt I'm better off single. I'm not saying this because I AM single but simply because I've always appreciated the freedom to do certain things that you can't do when you're commited to someone. When you're single, you learn to love yourself more and the most important thing - self-respect, which I think is a woman's most valuable asset.

Just don't do a Bridget Jones and spiral into loneliness and self-pity :P

Of course being in a relationship is great but it takes work from both parties. Simple things like selecting a venue to eat or even planning out an itinerary for a holiday, can be a hassle when you have to accomodate another person's feelings. But on the plus side, it's comforting to have a constant presence in your life, whom you can share your ups and downs with.

So what do you think?

On a lazy Saturday night...

Last weekend was pretty quiet except for late Saturday night where my friend, *Joe and I decided to cook. He had just moved into an apartment and the whole place looks like something out of a showroom. So you can imagine the kitchen - not been used before and everything looks all sparkly and nice. LOL!

Seeing that we are not big eaters, I suggested we whip up pasta - easy to prepare and not much cleaning involved. Around 9ish we took a trip to Village Grocer to buy the ingredients, including a small bottle of Italian Herbs (for added flavour), minced chicken and a packet of Penne pasta.

When it came time for us to cook, I realized that we didn't have oil (forgot that we would have to sauté the minced chicken first!). Yes, the man doesn't have oil at home - didn't I tell you his kitchen is still a virgin? :-P

*sigh* Good thing there's a 7-11 in the apartment building itself. We went down to get oil and by the time we got back up, we were too tired to even begin. So we just hung out for a while and 1 hour later we felt our appetite coming back. Just as I was about to pour oil into the hot pan, I realized something.


My God. After all the deliberation on what kind of herbs to get, we forget the most important thing - the sauce. LOL!

Then Joe remembered that there's a 24-hour Carrefour kiosk nearby his place. It was close to 1am already and I was already accepting the fact that we wouldn't be making any pasta today. Nevertheless, we still drove to the Carrefour Kiosk and it looked like two 7-11 outlets merged together.

But as it turns out, they had pasta sauce! But goodness, it was like Harold and Kumar finding Whitecastle :D

Finally, we got home, prepared the pasta, sautéed the minced chicken, mixed in the sauce and tossed a load of Italian herbs. And the sauce tasted good - I was practically licking the sauce from the spatula!

So that was my very rare attempt at cooking something. Note to anyone who does not cook often - make sure you make a list of things you need to buy and double-check that you've got everything before cooking. :)

Clash of the Titans (Review)

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

I watched Clash of the Titans over the weekend and sadly, it was a disappoinment. The action scenes were mediocre and some of the scenes were moving too fast to actually see what was going on. At some point, especially during the Scorpion scene, it was like a blur of swords, spears and sand.

The Olympian gods were TOO sparkly in their metal armors, that it seemed so unnatural. And although there were other Gods present, their names were not mentioned nor did they have much dialogue.

As for Medusa, I thought the character would be played by an actress but sadly it was full CGI and the effect wasn't even that good. Like something out of a PS2 game. Even Uma Thurman's Medusa character from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, was better.

The movie was supposed to be a remake of the 1981 Clash of the Titans but the storyline had spun so far off course that it was just too confusing (especially to Greek mythology enthusiasts). There are characters that were never the in the 80's version, such as Hades and Io.

The only parts I liked about the movie was the Kraken (obviously), Pegasus and the way Hades materialized - in a cloud of black smoke. Speaking of which, I thought Ralph Fiennes played the Lord of the Underworld well. He could pull off the demeanor of a God cast to the depths of Hell which shouldn't really be a suprise. He did do well in Red Dragon after all.

However, too many one-liners like "Someday, someone's gonna say enough" and "Ease the storm" (which was from an almost-love scene) only contributes to the movie being clichéd. In my opinion, the movie lacks substance. I think the trailer was a whole lot better than the movie itself.

P.S - The trailer music is The Bird and The Worm by The Used.
All images from Rotten Tomatoes.

Happy Easter!

Have a good Easter everyone!

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