Shopping vs Sex

We all know women take shopping to a whole new level. In fact, most women have compared retail therapy to sex! I too find retail therapy particularly soothing in any situation (provided I've got the money of course).

Recently I went all out and splurged about 600 bucks on clothing, shoes and acessories. By norm, I lead a very frugal lifestyle (let's face it - we all can't afford to reward ourselves every week - at least not on my salary!) and only if I needed something, I would spend. So, spending 600 bucks in the span of say...1 week was a pretty big change.
But I have to admit, the thought of buying something new that somehow makes you look good in the fitting room mirrow, is exhilarating. Compared to sex, this feeling lasts a lot longer and it would probably be a couple of months before you get tired of it. Maybe shopping is a tad more expensive but if it's a boost to your self-esteem, why not?

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xin said...

LOL. i need to stop rewarding myself. maybe i should get more sex instead of splurging. wkakakakaak

Nick Phillips said...

600 bucks? Adoi, that's my whole months salary ... LOL!

LOL@Xin, more sex instead of splurging.

Gallivanter said...

Can't we all have both, sex and splurging? :-D

sriyany said...

xin: I think next year onwards you wouldn't have this problem :P

Nick Phillips: LOL! I was on a roll!

Gallivanter: is a scarce thing sometimes :P

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