Frames Cafe @ TTDI Plaza

If you're ever in TTDI Plaza, you should try this really quirky-looking cafe called Frames. It's decor alone would probably catch your eye. I've never actually seen the place packed but I guess that's an advantage if you just want a nice quiet meal.

Naturally, as per their name, the cafe's walls are covered with picture frames of various scenic views and abstract art. The whole concept makes the place quite cozy actually.

For the meals, we had the Set Lunch which were about RM15.90. Each set came with Soup of the Day and Iced Lemon Tea.

Below is the Chicken Ala Kiev - poached chicken breast served with brown sauce and sauteed mixed vegetables. According to Hui Xin, the chicken was a tad bit dry and not much sauce. We had to request for more brown sauce. This wouldn't be something that I'd order next time around.

The Grilled Dory was...surprising. Let's just say that the portions were a lil on the small side. But the vege and potato peels made up for it I guess. Again, not something I'd order the next time around.

However, the Grilled Lamb Steak looked much more appetizing.

The Fish & Chips was equally good. This one was ala-carte so the price was around RM22.

The next time I'm there I'll probably try some of their scrumptious-looking burgers - at least that was how good they looked in the menu :)

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Nick Phillips said...

Nice looking place :D Might give it a visit ...

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: :)

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