Hong Kong: The Streets of Kowloon

On Day 1, we had to cover for our own meals so we took a walk near the hotel looking for somewhere decent to have lunch. The first thing we noticed was that the streets were squeaky clean - no dust or dirt even in the alleys.

We managed to find a shop that looked pretty OK (considering that there was a crowd) where the pricing was not too expensive. When it came to ordering, the tauke could only speak Cantonese (which is their 1st language in Hong Kong). Lucky for me, my friend could speak a lil’ Cantonese so we managed to order the below.

Pork Noodle Soup (HK$ 17) - I never fully appreciated a hot bowl of soup until I tasted this in the freezing weather of Hong Kong.

BBQ Chicken Rice (HK$ 32) - the sauce is not too oily and unlike anything in KL that I've tasted before.

I was quite surprised coz along the way, I counted at least five 7-Elevens and all within a short distance from one another. Check out the rest of the pics below!

Pork Galore!

We saw plenty of these along the streets of Kowloon.

Some temple near the hotel - can't remember its name though

Senior citizens concentrating very hard on their Chinese checkers!

After lunch, we just walked around and stocked up on water and tidbits from 7-11. Since we were quite worn out from lack of sleep, we decided crash in the room for a few hours and check out the street markets later at night.

Look out for my next post where i'll be blogging about Ladies Market **wink**, Temple Street Night Market and Jade Market :)

6 comment(s):

Gallivanter said...

Pork is evurl!

xin said...

i think in the 5th pic is the...salted duck, or chicken. can't wait to see the ladies market. hehehee

sriyany said...

Gallivanter: No, pork is heaven! :P

xin: it's either duck or goose coz i remember seeing the head..hehe

khengsiong said...

HK is really not a cheap place...

Nick Phillips said...

Ooooo, the pork noodle soup and chicken bbq rice looks absolutely yummy :D

sriyany said...

khengsiong: I agree - especially the food.

Nick Phillips: It was - especially the pork noodle soup!!

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