Hong Kong: Night Markets

The Night Markets were just a few minutes walk from the hotel, in the heart of Mongkok. By 7pm, it was already dark and so bloody cold that the only thing we could think of was to buy gloves and extra pair of socks! :-)

The nearest market was the Jade Market. I’m not really a fan of jade - to me it’s just green/white rocks! There were jade pendants, jade necklaces and basically anything that can be put together with jade. So, we just took a quick look and moved on.

Chinese Chess Pieces

Along the way, I noticed that boots of every make and size were literally on sale at every corner. And in the freezing weather at night, you would think people would bundle up like we were. But young girls especially, were dressed in leggings, miniskirts and of course boots.

The cheapest pair of boots I found were going for HK$ 300

We ventured on to the much heard-about Ladies Market. It was similar to Petaling Street except with more stuff for women. All the stuff here can be bargained but if your Cantonese is not up to par and if you’re a foreigner, you would be ripped off big time. Lucky for me, my friend used his Cantonese charm *LOL* and got quite good prices.

Entrance to the Ladies Market

There were also fake branded items ranging from handbags to clothing – Billabong, Guess, Louis Vitton, etc. Other than t-shirts and souveniers, I didn’t really shop much here coz these were stuff that you could get back home.

We also noticed a few things that are DEFINITELY not found in Petaling Street.

You can probably find every single sex uniform known to mankind here.

At first I was wondering what were those hideous-looking thingys with the long noses supposed to be and when I looked closely....

...these were actually for men! I can't imagine anything that's more of a turn off in bed*LOL*

Next was the Temple Street Night Market which is also infamously known as ‘Men Street’. It wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be. From what I read about Temple Street, there would be Chinese Fortune Tellers and Palm Readers but I didn’t see any of that. Although there were watches, belts, shirts, jackets – basically items for men. Most of them were really dirt cheap. We got our gloves and socks here too – all for HK$ 30.

I didn’t take any pics here coz there was nothing really worth capturing and also coz my fingers were numb from the cold!

Before heading back to the hotel, we went to grab dinner at some restaurant nearby. Did I mention that the food in Hong Kong come in humungous portions and that Chinese tea is served (FOC) with anything you order?

Braised Pork Knuckle Noodle (HK$ 30+)

Basically anything that came with soup was heaven for us!

Shrimp Dumpling Soup (HK$ 20+) - I really enjoyed this and the size of the shrimps were twice the size of 'udangs' back home.

The next day was the start of our Hong Kong city tour so we decided to get a good night’s rest. Look out for my post where I’ll be blogging about the Buddha of Wealth and Prosperity as well as, Aberdeen’s fishing village.

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hey why nv buy me the french maid???

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