Hong Kong: Arrival

After the 4-hour flight through Air Asia, we finally arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport – only to discover that our booking by the travel agent was apparently cancelled! (Nice start for a holiday huh?)

But after numerous calls (which cost a bomb) we managed to sort things out. It seemed that there was an error on the travel agent’s part *rolls eyes*.

Anyway, we arrived there at about 11am and the weather was about 11 degrees. Even with the sunlight, the temperature was still very cold *shudder*

The first day on the itinerary was pretty much free & easy since the tour only started the next morning. So we headed straight to the hotel, the Dorsett Seaview (3-star), to check-in. Dorsett Seaview is located in Mongkok (downtown Kowloon) which is somewhat similar to downtown KL. Check out the pics below!

Our room at the Dorsett Seaview Hotel

The view outside from our room window - not much of a 'seaview' huh? ;)

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khengsiong said...

How much did you pay for the hotel room?

Dorsett Seaview? Could you see the sea?

sriyany said...

khengsiong: the accomodation was covered in the tour package. Excluding the flight, the cost was RM908.

And no, we couldn't see the sea - just a bunch of old buildings :P

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