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I'm sure you've tried the ever-famous Ikan Bakar in SS2, PJ. What I had for lunch today is pretty similiar but not quite the same. The Portugese Baked Fish (RM16.90) offered by Cake Sense Cafe consists of a baked dory covered with homemade sambal, and served with steamed rice and acar.

What suprised me most was that the fish was served in this REALLY man-hole deep of a bowl, that I had to literally look into the bowl to see the fish. Are they afraid the fish are gonna jump out of the bowl or something??

Then again, I don't think it's worth ordering this the next time round coz the rice was a bit over-cooked and the fish gravy - let's just say that you'll need lots of ice water for that amount of spice. Plus, I think Portugese Baked Fish tastes better with Ikan Pari (as served by the stalls in SS2, PJ) coz the dory didn't really go that well with the gravy.

Couple of my colleagues went on a pizza spree today so behold...

Roast Onion and Beef Pepperoni (RM16.90)

Grilled Chicken and Mushroom (RM16.90)

As I mentioned before, Cake Sense Cafe serves the most scrumptious pizzas ever and I think it's pretty impresive, considering they've got Pizza Hut and Domino's just around the corner from them. I'm definitely trying one of their pizzas the next time I head to Cake Sense Cafe.

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