Cake Sense Cafe, TTDI

The title above sound familiar? That's because I put up a post on Cake Sense much earlier but didn't mention about the Cake Sense Cafe located above Cake Sense.

The place is quite nice and cozy. There's soft music (think Norah Jones) playing in the background and a plus factor - not many people. I doubt most people are actually aware about the cafe above the bakery.

There's also a smoking section (out near the balcony).

I decided to go with one of their set lunch meals. For RM8.90, I chose Pandan Chicken Fried Rice which comes with Ice Lemon Tea and Fresh Fruits. The pandan chicken tasted a bit dry and could have been more (in terms of quantity/size). The fried rice was a bit burned (the kind you get when you scrape the bottom of a rice cooker) but it tasted all right when mixed with sambal (provided by them).

Bottomline: This dish is nothing much to shout about.

Ice Lemon Tea will always be ice lemon tea, except in this case, I requested for NO ice cubes (since the weather is freakin' cold) so mine became Chilled Lemon Tea - needs PLENTY of sugar syrup.

The Fresh Fruits (as per the set).

One of my colleagues tried the Vegetarian Pizza (RM15.90) and I must say, that it tasted really good. It's a thin-crust pizza with toppings that included mushrooms, red/green capcicum and tomato puree. The crust is not as thin as Domino's thin-crust pizzas but it's equally good.

Another one of my colleagues had the Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Tartin (RM10.90). It's actually baked ciabatta with grilled herbs chicken breast, pineapple relish and cheesy mozzarella.

Not too bad for the price really.

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