Delectable Thai Steamed Siakap @ Mr Tom Yam

If you're ever in the mood for Thai food and just happened to be in the vicinity of Kota Damansara, try Mr. Tom Yam in Sunway Giza. It's located just opposite Village Grocer so it's kinda hard to miss. Caramel honey and I had the urge for Thai food and for some reason, he wanted steamed fish! (mind you, he normally doesn't eat non-homemade-cooked fish)


So anyway, the ambience of the restaurant is quite nice, with it's simplistic white decor and hot-red menu displayed on each place setting. The latter was convienient as we didn't have to go through endless pages of Thai dishes just to decide on the meal we wanted.

We ordered white rice and started off with Spicy Tom Yam Prawn (RM9) and boy, was it spicy! But it was sooo good. The soup was thick and filled with mushrooms, tofu, assorted vegetable and of course, prawns. Perfect for a cold day!

Next on our list was Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts & Dried Chillies (RM15). There's nothing much I can say about this one. It was both spicy and good but not over-the-moon great. Plus the portions could have been more for the price.

Finally, the much talked about fish! We decided on Steamed Siakap with Thai Soya Sauce (RM36). I can't find anything wrong with it (or maybe I need to brush up on my foodie vocab!). The fish was thoroughly steamed and there was no fishy taste or odour lingering about. Caramel honey thought it could be spicier but I disagree. The Thai soya sauce gave the dish a very authentic flavour and it worked without the spiciness.

Overall, I would say the food is not too bad. The prices are reasonable but the portions could be a tad bit more. After tasting all of the above, I'm eager to go back there to try their other dishes but that would have to wait until I have the craving for Thai food again!

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Nick Phillips said...

Aiyaaaa, I now have cravings for Tom Yam and it's all your fault! LOL!

Looks like a cool place though :D

sexyjessie said...

You made me wanna eat Thai food now.

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Hahaha well I'm glad my post has that effect on people!

Yes it's a cool place. You should check it out. They've got many more dishes to tickle your tastebuds :D

sexyjessie: LOL! In this cold and rainy weather, I think Thai food would be a joy to have.

JoinMe said...

Hi sriyany,
Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks.

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