Badminton After 10 Years

Just last weekend, caramel honey and I decided to play badminton since his apartment building has courts available. For added fun, we invited my sister, her boyfriend and another couple to join us. We all had one thing in common - none of us have played badminton in over 10 years.

Naturally, everyone dug up some ancient raquets that were probably lying around for the last 15 years. The raquets were so old that one of them broke (the handle came flying out from the grip) while playing! Good thing caramel honey bought some new raquets for us :D

But OMG. I didn't realize how physically unfit I was till we started playing. Surprisingly, the guys caught up to the game quite fast and were literally trying to 'smash' each other. However, us girls were just trying to keep the shuttlecock in the air! LOL

Of course there were funny moments especially when caramel honey tried to do his signature backhand (that he picked up from watching a bunch of badminton teen pros playing one day) or when we played doubles and didn't coordinate well (yes, we kept missing the shuttlecock, thinking the other person was gonna hit it back!)

Obviously, practice makes perfect in this case but I doubt we're gonna be playing badminton this weekend. The whole lot of us are still complaining of aching back, arms and legs!

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Nick Phillips said...

Badminton? Gosh, I don't think I've picked up a racket since I was in primary school la ... LOL!

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: LOL! You should try it with your kids now, I bet bones will br creaking here and there!

sexyjessie said...

The last time I played badminton was when I was in primary school, keep on missing the shuttlecock, not a good heater.

sriyany said...

sexyjessie: Oh I have that experience with volleyball. I always miss the ball, resulting in the ball hitting my head instead of my hands!

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