Arrr, Damn The Cashew Nuts!

I was severely reminded not to blog about this but I couldn't help myself. I know. I'm mean :(

On Sunday, my friend Joe and I decided to cook dinner which included this revised dish of french beans, cashew nuts and dried chillies. Now, I did most of the chopping and slicing. All Joe had to do was open the bag of cashew nuts. The cashew nuts were packed in a ziploc bag (similar to below) and our friend decided to try the easy way out by biting the side of the bag. And yes, he doesn't own a kitchen scissors.

But as it happens, he used too much force on the bag and the next thing I heard was something hitting the floor with this soft clink.

He found whatever it was that fell and rushed to the bathroom. When he finally came out, he had his hand on his mouth and a weird look on his face. For a minute, I thought he had cut his lip or something but then he opened his mouth and I realized that his front tooth had chipped off!

To be exact, his crown chipped off. About 10 years ago, his chipped his front tooth and had to get it fixed so the chipped part that came off was the crown itself. But the image of him giving a toothless smile was too hilarious and I ended up laughing for the longest time. It was even funnier when I got him to do pirate imitations. LOL!

In fact, he reminded me of those Indian fortune tellers who sit on the pavement with a parakeet or parrot in a cage. I'm not too sure if they're still around but if they are, you can probably see them in Klang or Brickfields. Normally, these old Indian men will be chewing on betel leaves (probably been doing so for years before) while waiting for a customer. So most of their front teeth are either half gone or completely gone. And Joe's toothless grin bore a striking resemblance to those Indian men!

Needless to say, he got it fixed yesterday. So no more toothless pirate (Arr, matey!) or old Indian men chewing on betel leaves!

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Nick Phillips said...

LOL! This post reminds me of one half of my two best pals. He had or rather still has a chipped tooth and our pet name for him is Chip Tooth Bastard! Hahaha!

SRIYANY said...

Nick Phillips: Oh wow! He doesn't wanna get it fixed? LOL!

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