My Career in Fast Food

Have you played Shockwave games before? Well, if you're dying of boredom or Solitaire is your idea of a fun-filled activity, you might want to try this game: Burger Shop 2. It is sooo addictive!

All you have to do is serve customers as per their order. Food ingredients, cups and bowls will be displayed on the conveyor belt. You just have to click and drag each item to create a meal. In the game, you would have to drag the cups to the drink machines, drag the bowls to the cereal and soup machines, send the steak and chicken into the ovens, fill up on french fries and curly fries and toast the pancakes. You would have to do all this while serving customers which can be quite a challenge coz some of them would get impatient.

Going through the tutorials first would make life a lot easier. Once you get the hang of it, it's really fun! You can play online as much as you want for free, or you can download the free trial version or you can purchase the game for a fee (which I'm sure no one wants to do!).

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Nick Phillips said...

There's always the cracked version which is what I always download for wifey ... LOL!

SRIYANY said...

Nick Phillips: LOL!

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