Hyperlinks, Indentation and Font Size!

I just came out of a meeting in which we went through the latest version of our checklist and my God, there are now more rules and guidelines when it comes to hyperlinks, indentation, font size, font type, acronyms, images, arrow boxes, tables and an endless list of other formatting features.

If you don't know it already, I work as (would you believe?) a technical writer. So following a predefined format while writing is not unusal but it can get a lil bit tedious, especially when you have to double-check everything to the tiniest detail. And that's probably the time you've got to upload the article into multiple systems and transfer the images into a server while encountering a million problems along the way.

Sigh. One fine day, I must do the whole quit-my-job-and-travel thing. Maybe do a whole European tour - assuming I'm rolling in money by then :P

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Nick Phillips said...

A technical writer? I don't envy you one bit! LOL! Just kidding.

Jyrenze said...

Ah that meeting. You can thank me for preparing that check list :D

SRIYANY said...

Nick Phillips: The job can be mind-numbing at times :P

Jyrenze: LOL!

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