The Never-Ending Britney Saga

Good God, just when you thought nothing more could suprise you when it came to the Spears family, this comes out.

Image source: The Hollywood Gossip

What kind of a mother lets her daughter drink at the age of 13, lose her virginity at 14 and take drugs at 15? And even worse, to publish all these in a tell-all book to the world??

It's no wonder Britney Spears ended up the way she did. Sure she's responsible for her own actions, say from the age of 18 but if she did not receive proper guidance even before that, I would say her parents are to be blamed. That's the cold, harsh truth.

The best part is, her mother justified her actions by saying that Britney was going through a typical teenage phase (being sexually active at 14 and experimenting with drugs at 15). Now, I've never really been a fan of Briney Spears (mostly because she can't sing) but under the circumstances, I think she deserves better.

Image source: News

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