Cake Sense, TTDI

It just so happened to be my colleague’s birthday today, so the whole office pitched in to get a cake for her. Conveniently, Cake Sense in TTDI serves some of the best cakes (in small sizes - perfect for a party of 5) around the area.

I absolutely looove the cake designs. It’s so gorgeous that you wouldn’t really wanna eat them!

And did I mention that they sell cupcakes too? Yep, these tiny things go for just RM1.00 each. (Available in vanilla, chocolate & pandan flavour)

So, I finally decided on American Chocolate Mousse (RM22.90) and man, did it taste good – all that rich and creamy chocolate... (sigh). Seriously, I think Cake Sense can give Secret Recipe a run for their money.

Happy Birthday Gaya!

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