The Illusionist

I know this came out wayyy back but I watched it on DVD yesterday and I must say that The Illusionist is one of the most captivating movies I’ve seen so far. Quite similar to The Prestige, this movie leans more towards the love story between Eisenhiem and Sophie von Teschen, with the mystery of magic.

Image source: Rotten Tomatoes

Why should you watch it?

1. Vienna (think early 19th century) as the backdrop.

2. The enchanting musical score by Philip Glass.

3. The ever gorgeous Edward Norton as the mysterious stage magician.

4. If you love good ole’ mysterious magic and illusion.

5. If you’re looking for a slow thriller with an ending that will make you go “Oohhh…I didn’t think of it that way…..”

Why should you NOT watch it?

1. If you can’t digest slow movies with an unpredictable ending.

2. If you do not like movies set in the 19th century.

3. If you did not like The Prestige (starring Hugh Jackman & Christian Bale).

4. If you do not like magic (man, you must've had some childhood).

5. I can’t think of any other reason.

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