Double dose of motivation!

I've been reading this book lately - Follow Your Heart by Andrew Matthews. It's quite insightful and I'm only halfway through. Some of the things he writes about are basic lessons that we've learnt over the years but due to silly distractions life throw at us, we overlook those lessons. 

I am not saying it's the law of attraction hype all over again (which is somewhat touched on I think in later chapters) but the book consists of these short, straightforward passages that tell you what you may be doing wrong with your life in order to make it better. Normally, I'm not a big believer in self-help books but this one is surprisingly a good read. Plus, the author's illustrations are funny complements to his writing.

In fact, I've tried applying the same lessons in my day-to-day life, and realize that my work is now so much better and the way I view things (often with a negative approach) is slowly reducing. It's a slow improvement, which should be the case, but a good one :)

Also, another reason to be happy this week (or ever really) is that I've cleared off the balance of my evil credit card! *clap clap

How you ask? Well, the company I work for provides profit-sharing for all employees and this year, it was big amount (at least by my standards). Enough to maybe buy a tablet, splurge on skin care products or clothes, buy a return plane ticket to Europe.......but sanity took over and I decided zero-balance on my credit card was the best option in the long run. Next step: cancel credit card *rub hands in glee*

One step further to being least until I'm 30!

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Nick Phillips said...

Clap! Clap! Clap! Congrats on zeroing your credit card, the most evil of all things in this world, second on to our ruling regime ... hahaha ... couldn't resist that.

I've canceled my cards a long time ago and only believe in cash these days. At least that way, I don't owe a blood sucking bank at the end of the month :D

King of Scurf said...

Being debt free is the way forward. Well done.

Keep the credit card and just pay the bill completely at the end of every month - it's 30 days free credit. In the UK you also get free purchase protection insurance if you buy with a credit card - that's useful.

Terra Shield said...

Congrats on freeing yourself of debt. Lots of people I personally know would have bought that return ticket ;)

I agree with King of Scurf on paying off your credit card at the end of the month. In my case, I only spend the money I know I have but am too lazy/scared to carry around in cash.

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: That's excellent! It's usually the other way around, debt building up as you get older & have a family but good for you :)

sriyany said...

King of Scurf: I do agree some offers that come with a credit card are useful like insurance, membership, etc but ultimately we don't need the card if there's sufficient cash. I've now opted for a debit card instead :)

sriyany said...

Terra Shield: Yup I do that sometimes and usually I'll bank in the money the next day or so - problem is people tend to get carried away when swiping their card. Takes a lot of self-control especially for shopaholics!

Anonymous said...

so did you finish the book? what's your verdict? I've been reading this sorta books lately, you are right it does kindda help put you on the right track especially in regards to being less negative and I find things..good things coming my way :) Hope things are good for you!

sriyany said...

cherwith: Believe it or not, I'm at the last chapter. Gone were the days where I could read a book in 2 nights.

But so far, my verdict is that the book works for me. It's a funny way of reminding that we are our problem, not the world.

Glad you're into those sorta books too! (and yes, things are good for now)

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