Opposites Attract or Repel?

No I don't mean Paula Abdul's Opposites Attract (although that was once a fav song of mine) but maybe Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell as a couple *shudders*.

I know a lot of people say a couple who are opposites can be a good thing. They can learn to compromise and accept each other's thoughts or opinions but for some reason, it's not apparent in most couples these days. Before you can even say "Hollywood", they break up the minute the slightest disagreement comes up. The only thing that probably attracted them in the first place was, sex appeal and tequilla!

For instance, the girl wants to go catch a movie but the guy wants to chill at home with a few drinks and the girl's an extrovert but the guy's an introvert and...you get the drift. Neither party shows any sign of giving in, which leads me to wonder - do opposites really attract?

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Nick Phillips said...

I suppose it does in a way otherwise life would be a total bore if both parties were always agreeing to everything :D

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: You have a point :)

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