Twenties Girl - A Kinsella Bestseller

The minute I saw this book at MPH, I just knew I had to have it. A Sophie Kinsella enthusiast, I'm a big fan of her Shopaholic book series and I was sure Twenties Girl had to be a good one. I wasn't disappointed. :)

The story basically revolves around Lara, a woman in her 20s who suddenly gets frequent visits from the rebellious ghost of her great-aunt Sadie - who's all about flapper dresses, headbands with feathers, swizzle sticks, "Tally-ho!" and the Charleston (basically, the epitome of a 1920's girl).

Meanwhile, Lara's this gullible but quirky 27-year old who's going through quite a few hiccups in her life. She just got dumped by the "perfect" man and her BFF/business partner has ditched to Goa. To make matters worse, Sadie haunts her persistenly to help find a missing necklace of hers. Apparently, she can't "pass on" without it.

Naturally, the book is filled with dosages of Kinsella's Brit humor at every corner. There are hilarious scenes that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter including, the one where Sadie gets Lara to ask this handsome stranger out on a date, everyone thinking Lara has lost her mind when she's seen talking into thin air and especially where Lara - all decked out in complete 1920s gear, walks into an average London bar to meet her date.

I've read this book twice and sometimes when I feel the need for some humor, I would turn to my favourite parts in the book. Trust me, if you loved reading the Shopaholic series, this is a must-read. Twenties Girl should be every girl's best friend :).

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