Credit Card Security Measures

A colleague of mine relayed this funny story of how he was at the mall buying a gift for his wife. The gift turned out to be a brand new Samsung Galaxy S II, which is also the first smart phone his wife has ever owned/used.

Now the funny thing is he used a credit card to buy the unit and upon purchase, the phone number registered to that credit card got an SMS containing the amount that was just swiped from the card. Guess who's phone number was registered to his credit card?

Yup you guessed it. Minutes later, he received a text from his wife,

"Wow. 1700 bucks. Can't wait to see it. Thanks honey!"

She loved the phone by the way.

The Weekend's Here!

I'll be catching the much-awaited Avengers in 3D tomorrow night. As much as I'm convinced the movie's gonna be another not-so-great-but-it-was-okay flick, I'm still excited to get my share of eye candy. I'm sure this must be the highlight of everyone's weekend as tickets were mostly sold out for the non-3D Friday and Saturday shows.

Other than that, anyone going for Russell Peters in Malaysia? I didn't manage to get tickets for the 1st show and now that the 2nd show is for sale on Saturday morning, I'm too lazy to go through the whole online queue barging just to get tickets. Looks like it's just good ole YouTube for me :)

Oh and another piece of awesome news, my aunt has just given birth to a 3.04kg baby girl! Obviously, an exciting addition to our family, the youngest of the lot is gonna be massively pampered by everyone :)

I've taken leave this coming Monday, so it would be an extra long weekend *yay!* but I'll probably not do anything too adventurous, perhaps go visit the Bird Park or something. Hope you have a glorious weekend ahead!

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