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The Oscars have passed by but it's not too late to thank Terra Shield for bestowing this 4 year old blog with a Kreativ Blogger award. My first ever blog award - which makes it all the more exciting! (and a reminder that my blog has more than just crickets on it).

As required, I need to list down 10 random quirks about myself and pass on the award to six awesome bloggers. So after thinking and deliberating, I came up with 10 rather unique (and surprising) things about myself, that most people don't know about. Here goes...

#1 Chocolate Addict
Which girl isn't? I can consume up to 6 chocolate bars a day - in spite of eating other meals - every day. I'm trying to bring it down to 3 bars a day but it's hard coz my office pantry has a fridge that's filled to the brim with goodies. Sometimes I eat chocs for breakfast and lunch too. I've yet to check my sugar level (and I don't want to).

#2 Doodle Cravings
I used to be so passionate in art especially in drawing (pencil shading - whatever the term is), that I once drew Queen Elizabeth's portrait, all by looking at the cover of Ladybird's book on the Queen. I think they had the whole Royal Family series. Similarly, I did Elvis & Priscilla's wedding portrait, also by looking at a photo in a paperback book. Both came out quite well from the shocked looks on people's faces whenever they see those portraits.

#3 Piano
I started playing this elegant instrument at the age of 13 - a little late than most people but I fell in love with it the minute I could learn how to play a full piece on my own. My favourite were classical pieces as they were more challenging in terms of expression and rhythm. I stopped at Grade 6 and nowadays it's just a one-off practice for me. 

#4 Fruits (likewise Terra Shield)
I don't eat fruits except for ciku. I used to have a thing for green apples but that grew boring after a while.

#5 Big Foot
Yes, that was what my uncle used to tease me when I was a kid. My feet are a size 10 so you can imagine the joy that I go through when hunting for shoes. Sometimes when I walk my ankles hit one another because my feet are simply too long and broad. *I'll have to show you someday. It's hard to put in words*

#6 Pills & Tablets
I have a fear of chocking on pills & tablets so what I normally do is to cut them in half and take those halves one at a time, with a huge gulp of water. Speaking of which, I've got Calcium tablets on my table right now, which are so huge, it would take a horse to swallow them down.

#7 Baking
I've just discovered the joys of baking - by spending a bomb on equipment and tools. My last 3 batches of cupcakes went from very sticky to sticky to dry so this week, I'm gonna try again and hope I find the right balance somewhere.

#8 High-Metabolism
I can eat, and eat, and eat, but I barely put on weight. Ask anyone. It's nothing to brag about though especially when you go shopping for clothes and find out that size 's' is too small for you.

#9 Anxiety Attacks
The weirdest songs from the 90s pop into my head when I'm anxiously waiting or praying for something. For instance, I can be praying that my colleague didn't find out I accidentally broke a link on her AdWords and Spice Girls' "If You Can Dance" will be dancing in my head. Weird, right?

#10 Curls, Curls. Curls
I may have dead, dry, damaged, straight-as-a-broom hair right now but for the first 21 years of my life, I had curly, curly hair. Not so curly that my hair grew sideways and upwords but curly like Julia Roberts/Nicole Kidman *I'm not vain. That's how my natural hair is!*

So there you have it. 10 random things one probably knew or didn't about me. Now to pass this on to six fantastic bloggers whose posts have been nothing short of funny, thought-provoking and purely entertaining to read;

Diary of the Misguided Diva
Anything Goes
Life Ramblings
Life, In My Own Backyard
Sloppy Chic
t.h.e r.e.b.e.l w.i.t.h.i.n. u.s.

4 comment(s):

Terra Shield said...

I'm glad that you took part.

And FINALLY, someone who doesn't care too much about fruits. Yay. Totally understand your love for chocolate, though.

King of Scurf said...

That fruit thing with you and Terra is just plain weird!

sriyany said...

Terra Shield: I'm glad to be rewarded :) Yes, fruits can't be such a pain sometimes.

sriyany said...

Kind of Scurf: I think in my case, I was force to eat fruits as a kid (sometimes force-fed) so I suppose I grew up (and couldn't wait to get) far way from fruits as possible.

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