Excellent Value Budget Hotel In Ipoh

If you've figured out from my previous posts, I was in Ipoh with caramel honey last weekend for a wedding dinner. Since we didn't want to drive back home last at night, we decided to stay the night. After some thorough searching, I found the French Hotel in downtown Ipoh.

Very near to most shops, restaurants and malls in Ipoh, the hotel was a pleasant surprise! Clean and comfortable rooms (we were lucky coz the hotel was just refurbished) and helpful staff were some of the best elements of the hotel. 

Guitarist not included!

By the way, it was raining when we arrived, and after a tiring 2-hour drive, we were relieved but a bit skeptical when we saw the old neon-looking sign of the French Hotel but after being ushered inside the indoor garage for the night (coz of the rain) which we were grateful for, expectations of the hotel were definitely off to a good start. 

On the whole, it was an enjoyable trip. Being in the centre of the laid-back town of Ipoh gave us a great advantage to explore the wide variety of hawker stalls and Chinese restaurants around the area. At a very reasonable rate of MYR138 per night, it's worth checking in here for a weekend stay.

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Abben said...

The hotel is very spacious.I liked the bathroom that you have showed in the pic. very much.It is nice hotel to stay.

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Terra Shield said...

Looks nice. I might check it out if I go to Ipoh anytime soon.

You've got an award awaiting you on my blog :)

sriyany said...

Abben: Thanks for stopping by! It was a comfortable, clean and budget friendly hotel in the heart of Ipoh :)

sriyany said...

Terra Shield: You should - location, cleanliness & budget-friendly - my three favourite words :)

Emma said...


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