On New Year's Night...

After all the excitement, drinks and food on New Year's Eve, caramel honey and I got back quite late obviously. We were so tired that the minute we got home, we fell right into bed. Now, halfway through the night (or early morning), I heard caramel honey shout and I woke up. He was in bed, moaning to me, 

"Don't eat me..why do you wan't to eat me?".

I was like, "Why on earth would I wanna eat you???" LOL!

I think it was the excessive mutton, pork and drinks that contributed to twisted food nightmares. Anyway, I spent few minutes just convincing him that I'm not gonna eat him. Don't think I'm that much of a man-eater!

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King of Scurf said...

I thought it was usually cheese before bedtime that caused nightmares.

sriyany said...

King of Scurf: Really? I find that intriguing.

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