Maxi & Sandy

Caramel honey's parents are the proud owners of a cocker spaniel named Sandy and a miniature poodle, aptly named Maxi. So we thought it would be a fantastic idea to take loads of pics of the dogs, print them out on something fun like mugs, photobooks and hand it to his parents for X'Mas. Coincidentally few weeks before X'Mas, his mum mentioned it would be great to have a calendar of the dogs!

So with only few days left for X'Mas, caramel honey went to his parents place to snap the dogs and I went online in scouting the best freeware tool to come up with a fancy calendar. Initially, we thought we'd give the photos to any photo shop but then realize they had lousy calendar templates.

After all that effort, we came up with a pretty decent calendar that had each month on a separate page - the best part is the template I had was a Dog template so it came with cool pawprint backgrounds, cute graphics to place everywhere like doggy bones and treats!

We were so excited that we wrapped and gave the calendar without taking shots of it but if you wanna know, we used HP Photo Creations to create the calendar. It's completely free and you can print it at home. Variety of templates to play around with and customize. 

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Nick Phillips said...

Oh wow, cute lil fellows :D I'll bet the calendar looked awesome with them in it.

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Very cute! Oh his parents were ecstatic when we gave the calendar. Now they want custom-made greeting cards! :P

Life Ramblings said...

they are cute and photogenic. great idea to print a calender of these heart-warming dogs.

sriyany said...

Life Ramblings: Yup I think the mom now wants a whole range of stuff including greeting cards, mugs,etc :)

Terra Shield said...

That sounds like a lovely gift indeed. And such adorable dogs!

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