Charming Windmills, Sex Shops & Heineken Up-Close @ The Dam!

This is the windmill village of Zaanse Schans. There are about 4-5 windmills still operating here, each for a different purpose, spice, wood, etc. The village is surrounded by water and complemented by lots greenery, quaint houses, cheese and clog factories, windmills, sheep, ducks and fresh, crisp morning air. About 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam Centraal Station, the entire village can take about 2 hours or more to walk through.

Amsterdam Centraal Station - where most of the Intercity trains, buses and trams start from/end at. When I first saw the building, I thought it was a church of some sort coz the architecture was so intricate. We spent some time here just looking for the right tram stop to head back to the hotel. Mind you, there are trams going in every direction, especially in Dam Square. So it's not a surprise if you end up on the wrong tram heading in a different direction all together.

One of the many, many canals around Amsterdam. When I first got here, I was so excited that every single time I saw a canal, I just started snapping like a mad person. I'm sure the Dutch people in trams would have looked upon us with amusement and thought, "The things tourists do!"

One of the many sex shops in the city. For someone like me, this was something different so you can imagine the number of passersby staring at me as I tried to take pics of the shop!

Heineken Experience was highly enjoyable. Since it's a former brewery, we were taken on a tour of how Heineken started, with cool motion shows, games and a look at the ingredients/process in brewing beer. You'll need about 1.5 - 2 hours in here. Plus, at the end you get 3 free pints of Heineken beer and another cool thing is, you can get your name or something similar engraved on a bottle of Heineken beer, various mugs or glasses. 

I opted for the glass, as you can see from the pic above - got it engraved as a x'mas gift for caramel honey. Would have bought more if I didn't have a lot to carry already!

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Terra Shield said...

Amsterdam looks lovely, and the picture of the canal you put up looks so very serene. Imagine if we had something like that here - it'll have plastic bags floating on it!

lina said...

Sure looks fun. Love the windmills. :)

sriyany said...

Terra Shield: It's one of my favorite shots. I think we're better off appreciating these sights overseas :)

sriyany said...

lina: The windmills are gorgeous :)

Life Ramblings said...

the canal boat tour was one of my favourite things to do in Amsterdam. the Heineken brewery tour must have been pretty amazing.

sriyany said...

Life Ramblings: Oh I enjoyed the canal cruise too! When I went there were only 3 of us in the boat so it was nice chat with the driver.

Heineken was fun for sure. Very informative.

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