Year End Moments

Absence truly makes the heart go fonder. It's been more than a month and a lot has happened, from birthday celebrations to freezing cold in Netherlands to beautiful beaches in Bali to baking blueberry muffins that came out sticky to unwrapping tearing x'mas wrappers to finally being back at work before the New Year. All this had made me realize that I miss blogging only because this is one place where I can share/express myself to my heart's content and not having listeners/readers doze off (if they do, I'd rather not know!)

In fact, I was halfway drafting  a post end of last month until I got sidetracked by other things:

With most of my time is divided between family, caramel honey, shopping for X'Mas, Netherlands and Bali - blogging has literally gone out of sight, out of mind!

To recap, my b'day was 2 weeks ago and caramel honey threw me the most delightful, intimate surprise b'day party with some of my closest friends (walked in to a whole bunch of balloons flying at me). I had the fluffiest, most sinful White Chocolate Indulgence cake which I of course took the liberty of finishing over the weekend. 

To top it off, my colleagues bought me a Holland city pass (which I had initially planned on getting) so this has definitely improved my travel budget quite a bit. Speaking of which, it's only a few more days and come Sunday, I'll be in Amsterdam!! I would better express my excitement but right now I've come down with the most annoying flu, fever, sore throat and popping pills has not made me feel better yet. 

Also, work has been up to my eye balls so if you don't see me blogging in a while, it's probably coz I can't stand looking at my laptop after an extended period of time and if I do blog, the post will most likely be the most inane piece of scribble ever indexed.

So to continue where I left off and in a way to summarize everything, Amsterdam was a freezing blast and Bali was simply wonderful. I CAN'T WAIT to go back to Europe again (preferably Italy the next time). X'Mas was full of joy, good cheer and mutton, chicken curry and fruitcake with brandy sauce. Also officially started using my brand new oven that I got from caramel honey as a b'day gift. Not sure why two batches of muffins I made came out sticky but I guess practice makes perfect.

It's 3 more days to the Year of the Dragon and I've got a few resolutions pen down in my head. I'm not a big fan of resolutions only because they do not last for more than 2 months, let alone the whole year. But this time, I'm determined to make it work by reminding myself constantly what my goals are (I'm so motivated this morning!). Anyway, hope the lot of you had a joyful Christmas coz I certainly did :)

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Nick Phillips said...

I hardly have time to blog too. Work and running takes up most of my time and I'm too bushed by the end of the day to sit and blog.

Looks like you've been having a hell of a great time so that's enough reason not to blog :D

Terra Shield said...

Sounds like you had a good time away... Oh, and happy belated birthday! :)

lina said...

Wow! You sure had some fun! Grand birthday party, lovely trip and now, ready to celebrate the new year.

Happy holidays.

Have a great 2012! :)

Life Ramblings said...

Amsterdam is absolutely gorgeous. i'd love to visit there again. glad you had a blast in Amsterdam and Bali.

It's great to hear about your enthusiasm about NY. Happy belated birthday and best wishes for 2012.

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Tell me about it! Sometimes I feel like there's not enough time in a day to do what you love doing and later talk/write about it.

sriyany said...

Terra Shield: Thank you! Yup despite being sick in Amsterdam and Bali, it was still good :)

sriyany said...

lina: Happy holidays to you too and yes here's to a better 2012! :)

sriyany said...

Life Ramblings: I absolutely love the canals with its narrow houses along the sides. Would love to go back there again just to catch up on loose ends I didn't have time for previously.

And yes, I'm positive 2012 would be a much better year. Happy New Year!

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