The One Where the Elevator Drops Down

Okay, I've just had the most horrifying experience in an elevator. 

As usual, I took the elevator from the basement area to the penthouse suite where my office is and that's a good 25-26 floors up. Couple of people got in and they got off at the 21st floor and the elevator started up again but almost immediately, changed its mind and started to go down, really fast. 

I could hear the fire alarm and a message came up on the LED display inside stating,

"Emergency! Please evacuate!"

and for one incredulous moment, I was like,

"How the hell am I supposed to evacuate when I'm plummeting to my death??!"

Oh God, I kept looking at the numbers getting lesser and lesser as the elevator kept going down and the whole time I was praying (yes, I prayed!) that it would stop at the Ground floor or something and not crash to the bottom of wherever.

Thank GOD, it didn't. As soon as the elevator approached Ground, it started to slow down as if that was where it had been wanting to go all the while. I got out with my heart still pounding and was going to speak to the guard at reception when I realize the fire alarm had stopped and everyone else seemed to be getting into the elevators as normal.

So rather reluctantly, I got into another elevator and good thing coz there were a whole bunch of people heading to the penthouse as well. We got up safely like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. 

Not that I'm not glad to be safe but, to be honest, I was rather hoping for someone else to share my drama scary moment. No one had experience anything weird with the elevator though I might just decide to take the stairs later - 26 floors down - in heels!

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Nick Phillips said...

I would have just freaked out and fainted and swear off elevators for life!'

Seriously, that's one phobia I have about elevators and some of those movies showing elevators crashing to their doom doesn't help at all!

Glad you're okay though.

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: LOL! I still feel a bit queasy when entering elevators but that's slowly fading away.

I think we should swear off movies on elevators plunging down!

Jasmine said...

Wow this beats all the elevator moments any of us experienced in the vads building, lol.

Good thing it turned out ok. Must have been really scary.

sriyany said...

Jasmine: Lol. I thought VADS was bad and to be honest I was so impressed by the lifts here until this happened.

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