Moment of Terror

While I rarely have insomnia at home (I leave a lamp light on while I sleep), I seem to have it almost EVERY NIGHT at caramel honey's place. 

He has no pre-bed rituals - just make sure the air-cond is turned on, switch off the lights and get under the covers. As for me, I usually read in bed for some 15 minutes before dozing off. I can't do this at his place coz the only bedside lamp he has is at his side (he refuses to switch sides claiming he's not comfortable on my side) so the one thing that puts me to sleep is literally gone. 

Second, is that I am uncomfortable with the dark which is the reason for the lamp lit at my place BUT in all fairness, the light is dimmed so low that it's merely a faint glow illuminating my room. As long as I have just enough light to read, I'm fine. 

Caramel honey's room is pitch black when it's dark and to make matters worse, his bed faces the full-length mirror on the wall and his reflective-door closet. I absolutely CANNOT sleep looking at reflective objects coz horror movies scenes would suddenly fill my head - to the point where the slightest sound makes me jump.

Last night was no different. I was tossing and turning a good deal before finally settling into a somewhat comfortable position, with my back facing caramel honey. After some time, I felt a cramp in my leg so I turned and when I did, I saw caramel honey's head in the dark, slightly lifted from his pillow, wide unblinking eyes, staring at me.

For a few seconds, I just froze staring at him. Then I screamed.

LOL. I do admit that I might have overreacted but seriously if you turned and saw your boyfriend staring at you like that, wouldn't you freak?

The minute I screamed, he tried to calm me down but the only thoughts running through my head at the time involved demonic possession *I must STOP watching those ridiculous horror movies*. After a while, I calmed down when I was sure he was caramel honey and not some demon/ghoul trying to kill me.

I'm gonna have to think of a more creative way to sleep tonight :(

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Nick Phillips said...

Trust me, I would have screamed too! LOL! I'm the BIGGEST coward this world has ever known but fortunately I can sleep at the drop of a feather :D

Terra Shield said...

I'm laughing so much, I don't even know where to begin my comment. But seriously, why was he staring? (Sleep staring??)

Reminds me of a story my friend told me in uni of her roomate getting up in the middle of the night and scolding someone... I know taht would freak me out!

secret agent woman said...

I'd have screamed, too. In fact, I have on more than one occasion when someone startles me in my sleep. I don't mind pitch black, but I do find having someone (the right someone) there comforting.

lina said...

Cannot redecorate his bedroom to at least make your sleep comfy? have to give and take, mah. *^-^*

But totally LOL about your reaction. Yeah, why was he staring?

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Lucky for you Pebbles can serve as 'extra' protection :)

sriyany said...

Terra Shield: I haven't a clue as to why was he staring. He claims I happened to turn just as he was about to turn (???).

Oh, what you described sounds freaky. I once heard my friend laugh out loud in the middle of the night. Actually, it was more of a cackle.

sriyany said...

secret agent woman: Exactly. It's just the feeling of knowing that someone is there in case the creepy crawlies come out from wherever to get you.

sriyany said...

lina: LOL! Since it's his place the idea of redecorating/reorganizing his room to that extent would be a big fat NO.

God only knows why he had to stare like that.

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