The Man Who Pioneered Apple

"Your time is limited, 
don’t waste it living someone else’s life"

Isn't it funny that when someone passes on, only then we start to feel inspired by their quotes, life experiences, moments they made significant strides in time and what not? I'm not condemning  - merely curious by the fact.

For instance, when Michael Jackson passed away, the whole world went into mourning and that was surely expected given the impact he made with his music but how many people stood by him or sympathized with him when he was going through the child molestation allegations?

My point is that people shouldn't wait until the person dies, to become an enigma, a legend or a figure of inspiration. Otherwise, we're just hypocrites.

I'll admit I was never a fan of Mac simply because I found the interface unappealing (I'm sure the whole lot of you disagree!) but I do think Apple has made breakthroughs in the mobile/tablet industry - and giving Microsoft a run for their money!

Steve Jobs was a pioneer in a lot of ways and he still had a lot going for him, so for what it's worth, I do hope he rests in peace. 

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Nick Phillips said...

Same here, I'm no fan of Apple, but heck, the man was a genius and will be missed. RIP Mr. Jobs.

secret agent woman said...

I am a fan of apple products - had an iPod nano when they came out, and have an iPhone and iPad now, both of which I really like. I had to get my son a MacBook for school and have already decided when this laptop dies I'm converting. And yes, Jobs was a technological innovator. All that said, does that alone make someone worth idolizing? I can respect the man's brilliance and also feel sad that he died so young, but I'm more impressed by charitable works. People who do good for others are the ones who inspire me.

Terra Shield said...

I think it's normal for people to appreciate people only after they've gone.

I love the iPod nano, though.

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Yup absolutely.

sriyany said...

secret agent woman: I guess when you look back at someone life, you'd more likely remember the good/charitable works they've done rather than how awesome their products were, which should be the case everywhere.

sriyany said...

Terra Shield: Had the iPod Shuffle and a Mac - hated the interface and iTunes even more. Perhaps it's just me :P

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