Curiouser and curiouser...

Last weekend, one of caramel honey's clients called him out for steamboat dinner. I have to point out that caramel honey is not remotely close to this client so imagine our surprise when he was called for a steamboat dinner (and dragged me along). Apparently, the dinner included a guest from the client's company whom caramel honey had never met. As it turned out, the guest was a Director in the company (the client is the CEO).

Now this is where it gets weird. The dinner was just the CEO, the Director (who's a former Star journalist), his girlfriend, caramel honey and me. You would think that a dinner organized by someone would include some other business contacts/family members/acquaintances but surprisingly, this was not the case. 

Initially, the atmosphere was a little bit awkward for caramel honey and me but after slurping bowls full of tom yam soup and munching on prawns, tofu and fishballs, we got comfortable. Truthfully, the dinner was pleasant and it was nice to meet these people who are obviously much, much older than us and have seen/done plenty in life. 

This is where it gets weirder. The whole night, conversation revolved around all of us except the CEO. He just kept quiet throughout his meal. In fact, I barely remember him speaking and the strange part was, I could see him staring at caramel honey from the corner of my eye. When he did speak, it was mostly to caramel honey and sounded very observation-minded.

Anyhow, as the dinner came to an end, it seemed like there were no plans to adjourn elsewhere so the CEO abruptly got up and thank us all for coming. That was it.

As caramel honey and I walked back to the car, we pondered on the reasons behind the dinner and these are some of the theories we came up with:

1. The CEO wants to hire caramel honey
2. The CEO does not have a heir to inherit his fortune/company and wants to put caramel honey as his successor
3. The CEO wants to set caramel honey up with daughter/girl of his choice

Yes, we may be over-analyzing things but you do have to admit that for a person whom we barely know, to invite us out to a fairly casual dinner, is pretty strange.

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lina said...

How would you react if it turns out to be scenario #3? xD

Terra Shield said...

LOL... love your conspiracy theories.

I have one more to add (and I don't mean to offend anyone in any way, so I apologise in advance if you feel offended)

The CEO has the hots for caramel honey ;)

Nick Phillips said...

Observation number 2 sounds the best of all ... LOL!

sriyany said...

lina: I'll probably freak out :P

sriyany said...

Terra Shield: Oooh that's a good one - an elderly man who's fit and healthy with no signs of being married and now finds a much younger...guy desirable?

I can see it :)

sriyany said...

Nick Phillips: Yea caramel honey and me would love it if that were the case :)

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